Berytech Award
Founder: Rabeeh Issa Abla

CSP Solutions sarl a software company founded by Rabeeh Abla wins 2010 Berytech Award, from its short start CSP Solutions have attracted big customers in the market. CSP Solutions is changing the rules of the software development in middle east and taking it to higher level, by developing software products that compete at global market, and are designed with high standards.

CSP Solutions is an emerging leader in Examination Solutions and psychometric testing. Our firm is a gathering of HR specialists, educational psychologists, and software programmers, all working together with one goal: Optimizing the recruiting process of banks and mid to large size institutions. Our diversity permits us to fully address every aspect of our clients’ business model.

We are continuously researching new ways to improve our solutions, and are constantly updated about the latest technologies as well as new methodologies which would lead to better features and improved service.

CSP Solutions provides optimized solutions and answers for a broad range of issues. Our services were created to achieve such goals.

CSP Solutions specializes in building solutions to optimize and improve customers’ profit, by decreasing costs and time, and by delivering effective solutions that satisfies customers’ needs and constraints.