Anthony Shadid wins the 2004 Pulitzer Prize

    The 2004 Pulitzer Prize for a distinguished example of reporting on international affairs, including United Nations correspondence, Ten thousand dollars ($10,000).

    Awarded to Anthony Shadid of The Washington Post for his extraordinary ability to capture, at personal peril, the voices and emotions of Iraqis as their country was invaded, their leader toppled and their way of life upended.

    Anthony is a third generation Marjeyouni, his grandfather , Abdallah (Albert) emigrated in 1920 to Ellis Island then moved to Oklahoma City where he married Raifa Samara from Mexico .

    Also nominated as finalists in this category were: Roger Thurow and Scott Kilman of The Wall Street Journal for their haunting stories that shed new light on starvation in Africa and prompted international agencies to rethink their policies, and David Zucchino of the Los Angeles Times for his resourceful, sweeping and valorous reports that gave readers a rare, close-up view of combat as American soldiers invaded Iraq.