Baladiyya Election

Municipal Elections
Sunday May 23, 2004

All candidates are welcome and encouraged to post
their announcements and messages on this page

During the last Municipal Elections in Jdeida, over 5000 out of the 6800 registered voters
were not able to vote because they did not have their Electoral Identification Cards .
In order to exercise your rights and be eligible to cast your vote,
please apply for your Card as early as possible.


All Candidates 

Issa Abla,  Hassan Abla,  Ziad Abla,  Jean Abou Kasm, 
Joseph Abou Kasm, Jamal Abou Mrad,  Milad Abou Mrad, 
Afif Afif,  Hisham Akkawi,   Aziz Ammar,  Ezzat Assi, 
 Labib Bakkar,  Mohamad Kamal Bakkar, Salam Bayoud,  
Sami Dakrouni, Emad Deeba,  Farid Eid,  Amy Fakhoury, 
Hikmat Farha,  Nabil Gholmieh,  Ismail Ghoutani, Fouad Hamra, 
Souheil Hajj,  Jamal Hashem,  Simon Hashem,  Farid Helou, 
Cecil Hourani, Issam Sami Jabara,  Karim Jabara,   
Kassim Mohamad Kadri, Kamal Kandil,  Saad Lahoud, 
 Khaled Mahfoud,  Mahfoud Mahfoud,  Amine Massaad, 
Milhim Rahhal, Oussama Rashed, Bassam Razouk,  
Farajallah Shammas,  Issam Sukkarieh, Nicolas Tayyar