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Abdennour, Dr. Khaled Raja August 1998 .
Abi Samra, Freddy Michel New Orleans .
Abi Samra, Dr. Salam EliaBeirut
Abla, Dr. Adnan AdibWexford, Pennsylvania I was born and raised in Marjeyoun. I moved initially to Beirut and was educated at the American University where I earned my M.D. in Neurosurgery.
I moved to the United States and completed an American residency in Neurosurgery at the University of Oklahoma.
I currently practice as a neurosurgeon at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center/Presbyterian Hospital.
My neurosurgical subspecialty is complex spine, including tumors,stenosis, listhesis and disc herniations.
I live in Wexford, Pennsylvania with my wife Suzanne and 4 children.
Abla, Amalia IssaBeirut
Abla, Badeeh IssaBeirutBorn in Ras Beirut in 1981, I lived in Marjeyoun till I was 16 years old.
Currently I live in Beirut and I manage my own company NOBRAND sarl, which is specialized in web solutions.
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Abla, Georges HassaneBeirut
March 2005
I was born in Beirut and lived between Marjeyoun and Beirut.
Studied multimedia Engineering.
Abla, Geries ChakeebBedford, Texas, USA
September 2000
Born and raised in Jdeidet till age of 16. Moved to Beirut in January of 1976 and then to the U.S.A. in January of 1980.
I got my degree in Mechanical Engineering from Wichita State University.
I work for Lockheed Martin, an Aeronautics Company, in Fort Worth, Texas.
Abla, Issa MichelBeirut
Abla, Melody MufidLenexa, Kansas, USA
August 2006
I was born in Lebanon and have many fond memories of summer visits to Marjeyoun during my childhood.
I was happy to have the opportunity to return for a brief visit in 2002 to see family and the family home that my father has rebuilt.
I studied International Relations in Lugano, Switzerland and am married (Rauch) and working in International Business in the Kansas City area.
God bless Marjeyoun and all of its people.
Abla, Michel IssaScotland
Abla, Mufid HabibSan Diego, CA, USA
March 2003
Born in Marjeyoun. Immigrated to the USA in 1958. Studied Aerospace Engineering. Have two Aerospace Consultant Companies. Lived in Italy between 1980-1990 and developed 3 new airplanes. Visited my beloved Marjeyoun 2 years ago. Planning to return and rebuild the the home I was born and raised in this summer.
Hope to meet you all.
Please write back, I love to hear from you.
To know more about my achievements and work, please visit my web site
Abla, Rabeeh IssaBeirut I was born on 12/05/1981 Lebanon, I studied computer science at Balamand University in North Lebanon, and currently I am working as a software developer in Beirut.
Abla, Said HabibBeirut
June 2003
I was born in Jdeidet Marjeyoun. After getting my High school degree, I moved to Beirut in 1957 to study Business.
During 1960 I started a supermarket called Pentagon Store in Beirut. Towards 1977 I moved to USA. Ever since I have been working in several segments of Business.
Abla, Zeina FaridBeirut
March 2003
I was born in Beirut and have been living there ever since.
I also studied in Beirut yet recently did a Masters in Development Studies in London. Currently, I am working in economic research at a Lebanese bank.
I like Marjeyoun a lot, although I don't frequently visit it.
Abou Antoun, Philippe SaadJdeidet Marjeyoun
May 2001

Abou Arraj, Fadi JosephOttawa, Canada
January 2006

Abou Arraj, Hala MoufidBeirut
Abou Arraj, Ramzi SalimBeirut
Abou Chahla, Joseph JamalSao Paulo, Brazil
Abou Chahla, Safa AlfredSao Paulo, Brazil Married to Omar Jubran
Abou Chahla, Samir KamelSao Paulo, BrazilMy wife Angela and my children Rafael, Guilherme and Jlia
Abou Daher, Youssef MansourJeddah, Saudi Arabia
January 2001
I spent most of my youth life in Marjeyoun and love to get in touch with my childhood friends.
Married to Houda Haider we have two daughters Anna & Aline and a son Mansour.
Abou Kasm, Dr. Amer GeorgesGrosse Pointe,Mi. USA
Abou Kasm, Iskandar PhilipBeirut
Abou Kasm, Rachid GeorgesShelby Township MI Systems Engineer
Abou Kasm, Dr. Ziad GeorgesMontreal, Canada.
Abou Khalil, Andre EmileDoha, Qatar
September 2003
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Abou Mourad, Khalil GhattasBeirut.
Abou Mourad, Reem KhalilLondon, UK .
Abou Mourad, Saad SaidParaguau Paulista, Brazil
June 2000
Abou Mrad, Aida HayelOttawa, CanadaI am married to Emad Y. Hashem. We have two children, Leila & Sami
Abou Mrad, Assaad GebraelBoummana, Lebanon
November 2001
Textile Machineries and Printing Materials
Abou Mrad, Gabriel Assaad Columbus, Ohio
November 2001
Ohio State University , 1st year of Computer Engineering
Abou Mrad, Haifa MouhibDubai, UAE I am a credit manager at Burj Al Arab Hotel which is one of the tallest All Suites Hotel in the world.
Abou Mrad, Nizar NaoumCongo, Africa
May 2006
I just want to meet my old friends and get to know the real people of my place of birth
Abou Mrad, Souhail DeebBeirut.
Abou Mrad, Walid MouhibDubai, UAEI joined International Business Holdings , an Australian public company for IT as Business Development Manager for Middle East, North Africa and Asia Based in Dubai UAE
Abou Mrad, Wissam HayelMontreal, Canada
May 2001
I am married to Nehmat El Chaar, we have two children, Andrew & Audry
Abou Mrad, Zeina Assaad Akron, Ohio
November 2001
Master degree in Communication Art and E.Commerce at Akron University
Abou Samra, Deborah HerbNew York, New York, USA
March 2008
My Jiddo George Habib Abou Samra was born in Jdeidet Marjeyoun and my Sitty was born in Dhour Shweir.
Abou Samra Family Site
Hobeika - Mujais Family Site
Abou Samra, Ragheda FayezDallas, Texas
September 2003
Graduated from Jdieda and moved to the states.
I'm an anesthetist, married to Larry Halcomb, and have three sons,
Lawrence Fayez, Alex Rabee and Andrew Ramsey.
I would love to hear from classmates and friends
Abou Samra, Nadia GeorgeWashington, DC, USA
March 2008
My Father was born in Jdeidet Marjeyoun and my Mother was born in Dhour, Shweir.
My husband is Younes Benab, son - Afsheen, daughter - Yasmin, and Grandson - Christian Alberto.
Abou Samra Family Site
Hobeika - Mujais Family Site
Abou Samra, Shafeeka AlfredGlibert, Arizona, USA
October 2000
I am married to George W. Brown and have two children: Nicole and Paul.
Abou Samra, Tohme FayezWashington, DC. USA
Abou Samra, Victor M. Jr.Bronxville, New York, USABorn in 1941; Married to Alexandra Sherrer Samra; Retired Investment Banker;
Children: Victor M. Samra, III and Christina Samra Karper; Grandson: Owen Victor Samra. Mother's family (Kutait); from Hasbaya.
Abu Kasm, Dr. HalaBeirut.
Abu Murad, Robbert GeorgesBeirut.
Abu Murad, Samya GeorgesLittle Cornard, Suffolk, England
June 2008
I am married to Peter Cook and have two children: Nabil and Zeina.
Adwan, Chadi TouficDekweneh, Beirut
March 2001
I am an Agriculture Engineer working for the Council of Development and Reconstruction (CDR)
Adwan, Chafic JirjiAl-khobar, Saudi Arabia
November 2000
I have a B.S. in hotel managment and tourism marketing, graduated from Notre Dame University.I work at Carlton Hotel.
I wish that you all come back to Jdeida
Adwan, Christine JirjiBeirut I am working as a school teacher at the American Community School (ACS).
I am 22 years old. From time to time, I visit my parents in Marjeyoun.
Adwan, Elias JirjiSharjah, UAE I am a Sales Export Coordinator at National Paints Factories.
Adwan, Jinane TouficBeirut Married to Hanna George Swaidan
Adwan, Naim HalimBeirut I am studying Mechanical Engineering at AUB and will graduate in summer 2000.
Adwan, Susie TouficAtlanta, Ga. USA I am married to Jerome Hagley. I have a Bachelor of Science - Biology, Kennesaw State University and currently I teach science to Seventh Grade .
Adwan, Wassim HalimBeirut
August 2004
Graduated in 2004 with a BS in Computer Science from AUB. Serving in the army starting October 2004.
Adwan, Ziad TouficAbou Dhabi, UAE
March 2001
I have been in Dubai since 1992, I am rooms division manager at Al Khaleej Palace Hotel.
I adore my home town Jdeida.
Afif, Amin SamirJeddah, Saudi Arabia
May 2001
Afif, Charbel SamirJdeidet Marjeyoun
May 2001
Akkawi, Jamal Bassem Beirut
January 2004
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Albert, Paul. .
Ali, Ibrahim AhmadTrabuco Canyon, CA I am married to Nadia Miri who was raised in Sidon; Her grandparents came from the town of Kafarshooba..
We have two sons, Shadi , Noor and a daughter Jihan . I am the western regional sales manager for a telecom equipment manufacturer, and also an independent owner of an electronic commerce business.
Ali, Iman AhmadUSA
April 2006
I left Lebanon 40 years ago; would love to see my childhood friends again.
Ammar, Aziz EidBeirut
Ammar, Nancy AzizBeirut .
Ammar, Nuhad EidAbu Dhabi, UAE.
Ammar, Walid EidBeirut.
Anka, Fouad EliasBeirut Computer help desk & Electronic Technician
Arnold, Diane HoranyBuda, Texas USA
June 2000
I am the daughter of Virginia Kouri and Jimmy P. Horany of Wichita Falls. My grandparents are M'Sallam Kouri and Najeeba Hourani and Shukri and Nabeeha Hourani from Jdeidet Merjeyoun. My husband's name is Ron and we have
two sons, Nick, 23 and Aaron, 13. We live in a small town
south of Austin Texas called, Buda. I am second cousin to Neda Faye Oren who is married to Ghassan N. Hourani.
Ashi, Sharbel NadeemJdeidet Marjeyoun
May 2001
I work at Marjeyoun Hospital Laboratory Department & a volunteer with the Lebanese Red Cross
Ashkar, Daoud YoussefAbu Dhabi, UAE
July 2000
I am married to Dina Khayat. We have a 22 months
old son, Youssef.
Ashkar, Emilie YoussefAbu Dhabi, UAE
August 2000
I am a lawyer working for an international British firm in Dubai.
I am married to Nabil Helou who also works in Dubai as a Mechanical project manager.
We have a 9 months baby girl.
Ashkar, Marwan EidBeirut
March 2004
Ashkar, Rafic DaoudOttawa, Canada
Atiyyah, Suzy Rassi..
Audi, Massad RamezPhoenix, Ar. USA.
Awdeh, Dr. Mahir RamezMemphis, Tenn. USA.
Awwad, Rashid EliasBeirutI'm single, 27 yrs old. an AUB B.Ad. graduate