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Bahouth, Hala Hamam Germantown, TN
August 2000
My father is Yousef Mansour Hamam,
I am a dietitian, married to Dr. Suleiman Bahouth.
Feel free to e-mail us
Bakkar, Hussein Ali HusseinDubai, UAE
March 2005
I�m 25 yrs old, Engaged, I work for the Aujan Industries in Dubai as a Product Manager
Bakkar, Mohamad Kamal Naim Salwa, Kuwait
September 2007
Since graduating from AUB with BA in Political Science and Public Administration; I have been in the gulf as HR and Administration Manager.
Married to Sawsan Mohamad Madi (BS Nursing from AUB), we have three children; Naim, Hussam and Yassmine .
I am planning to retire in my home town Jdeida , where I was born and raised
Bakkar, Nabil TalaatSt-Jean, Qu�bec, Canada
December 2004
Bakkar, Nasser RachadBeirutMarried to Mennah Ibrahim and have two lovely children....Tarek & Jana.
Bakkar, Rafif Abdelsalam Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
December 2004
I am married to Dr. Souheil Nasser and we have one daughter Reina and one son Mido
Barakat, Alexi FarhanBeirut.
Barakat, Amer RizkUAE.
Barakat, Amer RushdiAmman, Jordan
January 2001
Barakat, Fadi MoufidOttawa, Canada.
Barakat, Fayad HabibParis, France
September 2000
Barakat, Ghazi FaysalOttawa, Canada
August 2002
I am married to Samira Corban
Barakat, Halim SamirBeirut.
Barakat, Hana RushdiAmman, JordanI am married to Dr. Wael Qubti, we have two children, Yara and Ziad
Barakat, Janette Rached Ottawa, Canada
November 2004
Daughter of Nabil Anis Rached . Married to Michel Faycal Barakat .
Barakat, June NabilOttawa, Canada
October 2003
I am married to John Redsell, we have a daughter Ala, born July 9, 2003
Barakat, Khaled RushdiAmarillo, Texas.
Barakat, Mariana GeorgeQatarMy mother is Leila Sabbagh Barakat. I am a graduate of U.C.L.A and I used to work as a teacher in the public school system.
Even though I lived in the U.S. for approximately 20 years, my heart is definitely back in Jdeida.
My hobbies include gemology, hiking, traveling, swimming, cooking, listening to Arabic music, spending time with my cute nieces, etc..
I am married to Raed Abdelmasih Mahfouz I am always happy to hear from or about any Marjeyounites!
Barakat, Moufid ObeidOttawa, Canada
February 2004
Barakat, Nasri HabibNew York, NY, USAI am an attorney by education and practice commercial arbitrations and mediations.
I am divorced and have two daughters Maria (1986) and Hanna (1989).
For additional information about II&RCS, Inc. please visit
Barakat, Rita FarhanBeirut.
Barakat, Salim RizkAl-Ain, Abu Dhabi
December 2003
Barakat, Shadi KameelOttawa, Canada.
Barakat, Toni FaysalChicago, Ill. USA.
Barakat, Wael SamirBeirut.
Barbar, Mitri EmileMontreal
May 2002
My mother is Adelaide Melhem Hourani
Barkett, Ghada PratherBoston, USA
March 2000
Barkett, Margaret Prather. .
Barkett, Musa PratherLondon, United Kingdom.
Barkett, Salim Prather. .
Barkett, Taghrid PratherAl Ain, UAE I am married to Khalil Naif Khoury. We have three children Naif Danny (14),
Danielle Dana (13) and Mira Michelle (9).
Bashara, Gail HoranyDallas, Texas My grandfather Oscar (Issad) Horany left Merjeyoun
between 1880-1900 to escape the Ottomans. My grandmother was Helen (Helouma) Shamis. They settled in Oklahoma, where my father, George, was born.
His grandfather, Monseur Bashara, was from Broumana. He settled in Texas, where my husband's father, Joe M. Bashara, Sr. was born.
Bayoud, Alia HafeezUSA
August 2004
Bayoud, Dina GeorgeSchwandorf, Germany
June 2000
I am married to Kurt Kohl and live with our two lovely children, Nicolas and Cynthia in Bavaria-Germany. We constantly visit Lebanon and Jdeida.
My children and husband enjoy their visits there and
always look forward to the next one.
I also teach Arabic language and Lebanese cooking to
interested German adults at the " Volkshochschule". Funny enough, many Schwandorf residents now know "Mansufah, Warak-Arish and Mehshi !!"
Bayoud, Dr. Fadi AtefSwitzerland
Bayoud, Faouzi EliaDallas, Texas.
Bayoud, Fawzi SamiUAE.
Bayoud, Hanna GeorgesNew York.
Bayoud, Jouhaina EliaAmyoun, Al-Koura
March 21, 2000
I am married to John Taysoun. We have three children Ziena who is studying graphic design at L.A.U, Amer first year engineering at A.U.B and Sara 11th grade at Choueifat.
Bayoud, Joumana EliaBroumana
Mar.6, 2000
Married to Reinhard Hintze (German). Have two boys, Roy studying at John's Hopkins
Mark studying at Broumana High School.
Bayoud, Katia GeorgesBeirut.
Bayoud, Michel BassilBeirutPlease visit our site
Bayoud, Rhonda SaidLabuan, Malaysia
December 2004
Sister to Marwan, Walid and Samar. Married to John Kortum and we have 3 children, Oliver 13, Patrick 12 & Amelia 8.
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Bayoud, Shatha Atef JdeidaI live in the great Jdeida, I have finished my degree in Education at the Lebanese University in Beirut, and now I am a teacher at Marjeyoun National School.
Bayoud, Vivian Georges Beirut.
Bayoud, Ziad FouadCairo , Egypt
March 2000
I am Married to Zeina Beshara Attalah. We have two daughters, Nuha 6 1/2 (Named after her Grandmother) and Reem 2 1/2.
Currently working for Consolidated Contractors Int'l Co. Any Marjeyouni coming to Egypt is most welcome to contact us
Bayouth, Amber ThompsonTulsa, Oklahoma
December 2000
I am the grandaughter of Eddie Solomon Bayouth.
Bayouth, Betty FrankShawnee, Oklahoma I am the daughter of Frank & Fodie Bayouth (Daughter of Alex Bayouth). The oldest of 4 children. I have one son and 2 grandaughters
Bayouth, Eddie J. SolomonSapulpa, Oklahoma U.S.A. I am the son of Solomon H. Bayouth who came
to the U.S.A. in 1903 from Jdeidet Marjeyoun.
I am the seventh of eleven children. Married to Mildred Oaks Bayouth. We have
three children (two boys and a girl), ten grandchildren, and six great grandchildren.
Lived in Sapulpa for 52 years, had a clothing store here for fifty years. I have visited Lebanon four times,
1924, 1969, 1972, and 1998. One day, I do hope to return for another visit..
Bayouth, Inez SolomanTulsa, Oklahoma My father was Soloman Bayouth, was born in 1889
and my mother was Alia Bayouth, also from Jdeida. I have 6 brothers and sisters... William Habeeb, Louise, Kaline, Abraham, Juanita, and Eddie. My father married Salwa Andeel after my mother died and had 4 children. They are Emile, Delores, Jo Ann, and Tex. I have one child, Sharon Kay.
Bayouth, JoAnn SolomanTulsa, Oklahoma My parents were Soloman H. Bayouth
and Salwa Andeel Bayouth . I visited Lebanon with my mom in 1962. I saw all the things they talked about all their lives. Lebanon is a beautiful country. Went to the Orthodox Church in Jdeida and saw the Bell that my father had installed. I am married to Jimmie Naifeh and we have four children, Jimmie Charles, Gina, Sally and Bradley and six beautiful
I would love to hear from any my relatives and friends.
Bayouth, Nicholas ThompsonTulsa, Oklahoma
December 2000
I am Eddie Bayouth's grandson.
Butrus, Dr. SalimWashington, DC
Benab, Afsheen YounesWashington, DC
March 2008
I am the son of Nadia George Abou Samra.
In summer 2007, I visted my grandparents birth places, Jdeida and Dhour Shweir and wish to return someday
Buttros, Wadih Jr.Rio Claro, SP. Brazil
August 2000
My grand parents Ibrahim Georges Buttros and Kamli Saad Farah
Buttros left Lebanon, (Jdeidet Marjeyoun / Ebel el Saqui) in 1910, and lived in Brazil from 1920 until they passed away.
I would like to receive information about the Buttros and Farah families.