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Carley, Stephen Jabara Charlotte,
North Carolina, USA
October 2000
Grandfather was Benyamin Massoud Jabara of Marjeyoun.
His father was Massoud, bin Nicola, I have much information
about the Jabara family and wish to share and gather more
Chalabi, Najwa FarhaToronto, Canada
December 2000
My father was Kamal Saed Farha, my mother is Audette Fares Gebara.
I wa born in Jdeida, educated in Beirut and graduated form American University of Beirut.
Married to Fouad Chalabi and have two daughters, Lillian 9 & Grace 4
Living in Canada since 1984.
Chammas, Rima JubranCalgary, CanadaDaughter of Mousa Jubran, married to Andre Chammas, we have two children, Elie and Lama
Chanbour, Housam MichelDetroit.
Chanbour, Joseph MichelOman
June 2002
Married To Jihan Saada. We have two boys, Rani 19 & Roland 17.
Working with (Lahoud Eng.Co.At Sultanat Of Oman ) as an Administration Officer since 22 years .
Chanbour, Josephine MichelDetroit.
Chanbour, Rani JosephJdeidet Marjeyoun
May 2001
Chanbour, Souad MichelBeirutMarried to Inssaf Khalil Kahwaji. We have one son, Christy
Chantaf, Arab MhammadMalmo, SwedenMy family originally from Chebaa, I was born in Saida but I spent 17 of my youth years in Jdeida.
My father, Abou Arab, served in the Lebanese Army in Marjeyoun.
I have two brothers, Zakaria and Ali; three sisters, Abla, Nadia and Hassiba; two lovely children Ramona and Rayan.
I love to get in contact with my childhood friends.
Chatila, Eddy JosephMay 2002
Los Angeles
Chatila, Edward NicolasNew York Executive director of Chatila Jewellers New York
Chatila, Jean GeorgesBeirut Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Department,
Lebanese American University, Byblos Campus
Chatila, Nicolas AbdallahGeneva, Switzerland
June 2000
President of Chatila Jewellers (Geneva / London)
Chatila, Samer SaadBeirut.
Chedid, Christiane FaridBeirut.
Chedid, Elias RaymondBeirut
April 2000

Chedid, Emile FaridBeirut.
Chedid, Farid EmileBeirut.
Chedid, Georges VictorBeirut.
Chedid, Jebran GeorgesBeirut Aviation maintenance engineer.
Senior line maintenance Manager
(Middle East Airlines-Beirut.)
Chedid, Joseph VictorBeirutI am 46, single , Marine claims & underwriting,
claim's supervisor and controller of the
overseas agents in an insurance company.
Chedid, Karim George Beirut
May 2005
Born 1988
Chedid, Dr. Mokbel KhalilGrand Blanc, MI. USA Neurological Surgery, Section Chief of Neuro surgery-Genesys Health System,
President-World Association of Lebanese Neurosurgeons
Chedid, Rafic Talal Ottawa, CanadaGraduated as an Electronic Engineering Technican.
Currently working for a high tech company.
Chedid, Samia TalalOttawa, CanadaMarried to Richard Janna,
we have two children, Rebecca and Christopher
Chedid, Siham VictorBeirut.
Chedid, Victor George Beirut
May 2005
Born 1985
Cohlmia (Gholmieh), Bradley EugeneMooresville, North Carolina
August 2004
I am married with a lovely wife, one son and daughter.
I am in manufacturing of frozen desserts, ice cream, smoothies, bottled and iced cappuccino drinks. We do business world wide with major US Chain Stores like Carl's Jr. , Hardee's and Burger King
My work site
Cohlmia (Gholmieh), Eugene ShafikWichita, Kansas
August 2004
My grandparents were Nahoula (Nicholas)Gholmieh and Saleema Abouzuluf.
I am 76, Married to Helen M. (Abla) , we have four sons (The finest).
Jeffrey married to Lisa; Brad married to Jane, (2 children, Alexander & Carrie Marie); Paul (recently Divorced) his children are Meagan, Keely, Baylor and Patrick ; Randall (Randy) actor in Los Angeles, CA. Single.
Cohlmia (Gholmieh), Kay SamuelStillwater, Oklahoma
May 2005
My grandfather immigrated to the USA from Jdeida in 1908. I am in the retail clothing business and would like to learn more about my heritage. Married - wife Sandy and one daughter Kyle a senior at the University of Kansas.
Cohlmia (Gholmieh), RoseOklahoma
May 2005
My parents were Edward A. Cohlmia & Helen Mekhael Gebara
Corbane, Colette FayezOttawa, Canada
August 2006
I am a pharmacist, married to Brian Janna, we have two children, Ashley and Mathew
Corbane, Rabah FayezOttawa, Canada
July 2000
I immirgrated to Canada with my entire family in 1989.
I am married to Mahat Naoum Abou Mrad
Coury, Sam A. .
Crittenden, Cindy Homra..
Cury, Sandra Leila MadyMaringa, Brasil
I heard about JDEIDE because my father
was born there, my father's name was Semi Mady,
my mother's name was Agia Rached, my grandmother's
name was Nemra Razouk, they are from this town .
I'm anesthesiologist and I hope to know relatives
and this year I'm going to see the country where
my family was born.