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Fakhoury, Michael Ibrahim
Salt, Jordan
August 2011
Fakhoury, Nabil
February 2011

Fakhoury, Dr. Wissam Jean Strasbourg, France
November 2003
Medical Doctor graduated in 1997 (St-Joseph University/ Beirut) and Specialist in Radiology-Diagnostic Imaging in 2003 (Louis-Pasteur University/ Strasbourg-France). Keep very close contact with family and friends in Jdeida
Fares, Yousef Nesrallah Naharaya, Israel
December 2005
Married to Marlene Zarzour; we have three children: Jiries, Marielle and Elias, all born in Lebanon
Although we are not originally from Marjeyoun, but we lived there for over thirty years.
We are proud and love to call it our home town.
Farha, Adib Fayez Beirut .
Farha, Aida AdelBeirut I work as the reference librarian at the
Saab Medical Library, American University of Beirut
Farha, Amal HabibLondon, England
October 2000
I am married to Leslie Oakes, my husband of twenty five years
we have three children, Zeina, Ziad, and Jad.
We have been living in London for the last fourteen years
Farha, Dr. Ayham JamalWichita, Kansas I am a Urologist, married to Diana Fayez Farha. We have two children, Natalie 1992, and Nicole 1995.
Farha, Bassam HabibEngland My mother was Eugene Saiid Farha.
I am married to Rebecca Judith Farha and we
have two sons, Joseph and James
Farha, CeCeVienna, Verginia I am originally from Oklahoma City, OK.
My Grandfather and Grandmother were immigrants from Jdeida.
I am a Dancer/Choreographer/Teacher and the owner of
Range of Motion Dance Studio in Oklahoma City.
We professionally train dancers for Dance Companies,
Musical Theater, and other professional dance venues.
I choreograph and teach master classes nationwide
Farha, Diana FayezWichita, Kansas I am married to Ayham Jamal Farha . We have two girls Natalie & Nicole.
Farha, Eva Kotite Texas.
Farha, Farid HabibKornet El Hamra, Lebanon
December 2003
Electrical Engineer, graduated from University of Ottawa, Canada. Married to Mireille Antoine Noujaim.have 4 sons: Rami, Fadi, Shadi & Naji.
Farha, George GhalebDubai,UAE
August 2002
Farha, Hanna HabibAin Aar. Matn , Lebanon
March 2000
My mother was Eugenie Said Farha.I currently
work in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia as a copywriter for
one of the leading advertising agencies in the Middle East.
I am married to Rosa Fuad Mussallam, we have
three children, Habib, Marwan and Abir, they all
study in Toronto, Canada.
I was and still involved in writing Arabic language
both in spoken and modern written Arabic,
geared for anyone interesting in learning Arabic as a
second language
Farha, Hikmat GeorgesBeit Merri, Lebanon
July 2000
Marhaba to all Marjeyounis
Farha, Jose RobertoSo Paulo, Brasil
June 2000
Farha, Laura George Beirut
November 2013
Farha, Lina KamalWichita, USA
July 2003
I was born in Jdeidet Marjeyoun . My mother is Odette Fares Gebara. I am married to Ed George Elkouri who is a physician and is originally from Marjeyoun. We reside in Wichita, KS and we have two boys George 11, and Andrew 9 years old. I made the Farha Family Tree going back at least six generations.
Farha, Dr. Maen JamalBaltimore, Maryland
Farha, Najwa KamalToronto, Canada
December 2000
My mother is Audet Fares Gebara.
I wa born in Jdeida, educated in Beirut and
graduated form American University of Beirut.
Married to Fouad Chalabi and have two daughters,
Lillian 9 & Grace 4, living in Canada since 1984
Farha, Paul AlfredWichita, Kansas I am a travel agent. Both my parents are Farha.
We are a large family, my mother, Nancy Farha,
has five brothers. Her parents were Sammie and Raifa Farha.
My fathers parents were Floyd and Naomi ( Kouri) Farha,
they have three boys and one girl. I have three brothers
and they have eight children.
I am single and looking
Farha, Russell RichardColumbia, Missouri
February 2001
Law student at the University of Missouri
I am the son of Richard Sam Farha.
I am a naturalized US citizen; I have never been to Lebanon
Farha, Said KamalLake Forest, Illinois
December 2000
Married to Shahnaz Karim Shadid. Has two children,
Kamal 10 and Carol 6.
Farha, Samer Jamal
Farha, Samir FowziSharjah, UAE
June 2000
Married to May Bouri, two children, Samer is working in
Washington DC with Reuters and Zeina working with
Icon Nicholson in New York.
I have been in the Gulf for twenty years ten in Kuwait
and ten in UAE.
I am retiring in July 2000 and will be settling in Brummanah.
I like to communicate with classmates
Farha, Sharif MajedDubai, UAE
July 2000
I am 11 years old. I have 2 brothers Amir and Omar.
I have been to Marjeyoun twice and I think it is the most
peaceful place in the world.
I do advise all the Marjeyounis who have not visited
the town to visit it very soon.
Farha, Souhail FawziBeirut
Farha, Stephen SOklahoma City, Oklahoma I am 53, Retail Wine and Liquor Dealer
Son of Ralph E. Farha & Blanche M. Aboussie Farha
Farha, Taghrid KamalAncaster, Ontario, Canada
October, 2000
I'm married to Imad Adel Farha from Jdeida.We have three
children,Adel( Andrew), Maya, and Philip.
Farha, Violette FayezBrussels, BelgiumI am married to Amal Humsi, we have two boys,
Marc and Danny .
Farhat, Marcos Said Brazil
December 2005
Meu Av�, Said Farhat nasceu em Ebel es Saqi e 1892 e minha av� Yamina Chedid naceu em Jedeidet Marjeyoun em 1905. ,
Ambos vieram para o Brasil, mas sempre nos demonstraram o amor que sempre tiveram pelo L�bano e pelas cidades onde nasceram. Portanto todos os seus descendentes aqui no Brasil, sentem-se como Libaneses e aprendemos a gostar desta linda Terra.
O L�bano para n�s � a P�tria M�e que nos trouxe a garra de viver, a for�a para o trabalho e o amor pelos nossos Ancestrais Libaneses.
Marhaba a Todos de Ebel es Saqi e Marjeyoun, locais que hei de conhecer.
Farhood, John NamanVan Nuys, California, USA
August 2006
Both my parents were born and raised in Jdeidet Marjeyoun. I am the youngest child of Naoum and Linda (Haddad). Retired from the Los Angeles Community Colleges as a Community College Administrator
Farhood, Fikri KamelLawton, Oklahoma
Farhood, Nimer FarisVirginia
Farhood, Omar FaridBeirut
Farhood, Vincent Victor
I am the grandson of Naoum and Linda (Haddad) Farhood.
Farhood, William NamanNew York
July 2004
My parents were Naoum and Linda (Haddad) Farhood.
Farhood, William N. Jr.Marina del Rey, Cal, USA President, BF Datacom....I am the son of William N. Farhood Sr.,
and Edna (Khouri) Farhood, also grandson of
Naoum and Linda (Haddad) Farhood, and grandson of
Alexandra (Nasser) Khouri, and Anis G. Khouri.
Please visit our site
Farhoud, Kemel FayezSao Paulo, Brasil .
Farhoud, Dr. Nadia JacobS�o Paulo, Brasil
August 2004
Daughter of Yacoub Mazaal Farhoud and Daad Hayek, brother of Samer Farhoud.
I am a dental surgeon.
Social Director of Marjeyoun Club in Brazil.
Farhoud, Rosana FehmiS�o Paulo, Brasil
December 2001
Farhoud, Dr. Samer JacobS�o Paulo, Brasil Son of Yacoub Mazaal Farhoud and Daad Hayek, brother of Nadia Farhoud.
Medical Doctor graduated in 1984 and specialist in surgery of the digestive tract.
Deputy member of the Assembly of the INTERNATIONAL PARLIAMENT FOR SAFETY AND PEACE (Intergovernmental Organization of the States).
President of Marjeyoun Club in Brazil.
Director of the FEARAB S�o Paulo, First Director of Public Relations of the FEARAB S�o Paulo (Federacy of Brazilian - Arab Entities )
Doutorem Honoris Cause (Rerum Oeconomicarum)
Director from Mandaqui Hospital
Farhoud, Ziad EdmondBeirutI am an attorney at law, we have offices in Beirut & Marjeyoun
Farris, Donald.
Fawaz, Hamid MahmudChhim, Lebanon
December 2003
Administration and Representor. Arabic -e- Book , Beirut, Lebanon. Please visit our site
Tel : 00961-1-859501
Fazah, Camille SalemU.S.A
March 2003
I am a Lebanese-American, I was born in Bouwayda, a small town at the edge of Jdeida where Mar Elias church stood for many decades .My father from Ain Hersha and my mother from Bouwayda, from the Makrous family.
Feisal, Dean.
Feltes, Katrina HoranyNew Delhi, IndiaI am the granddaughter of
Shukrie Hourani who was a cousin
to Nabeeha Hourani on my father's side.
On my mother's side Katrina Hourani (sister of Nabeeha)
was married to M'saalam Kouri.
I visited Marjeyoun in 1969 before the war began.
I hope that I will be able to
visit again in the near future.
Firzli, Shakib BecharaKuwaitMy mother is May Saad Musallam.
Please visit my Home Page
Foote, Denis Lakis.