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Gebara, Amal Hassib Toronto, Canada .
Gebara, Christine JamilSao Paulo, BrazilMy father was Jamil (my mother was Nancy Dabus),
his brothers were Nemer (wife Eva),
Raja (Lourice), Nabih (Linda),
Chafic (Louris) ,all in Brazil.
Alfred, and sister Nabiha in Lebanon
Gebara, David FawwazParis, FranceI am 28 , Architect, works for a consulting office
that builds for China.
I speak fluently, French, Italian, German,
English and a little Chinese, due to
my extensive travel to the Far East
Gebara, Fadi AlbertMetin, LebanonI am working at present for the "MECHREF CLUB"
south of BEIRUT(close to Damour village)... Married
Gebara, Fadi HannaArizona.
Gebara, Ghassan EliaDundas, Ontario , Canada
July 2001
Gebara, Ghassan Ezzat.
Gebara, Ghassan RaymondSpring, Tex. USA.
Gebara, Hala HabibBlackburn Hamlet, Ontario
May 2000
I am married to Bishara Elias and we have two boys, Sami & Jad
Gebara, Hassib NabilCairo - Egypt
April 2005
I moved to Cairo in 2006 and run my own business, Bona Fide Communications, in the field of media & advertising.
Gebara, Haytham EdmondAtlanta, Ga. USA.
Gebara, Issa AbdelmasihMichigan USA.
Gebara, Karim JosephBeirut
December 2000
I was born in 1974, working for a consulting company
(Booz Allen & Hamilton) in the Middle East.
My father was born in Damascus (1940) but had left
to Lebanon at 18 where he studied Pharmacy, he registrated
himself at Marjeyoun few years later.
My grandfather (Georges) was born in Cairo where he spent most of
his childhood. He then, left to Damascus where he became a judge and lawyer.
My great grandfather (Joseph Gebara) was born in Damascus (1888) and
left very early to Lebanon where he studied at Aintoura then
Jamhour before graduating from the Medical faculty of USJ in 1888.
He was actually the first student that earned Medicine Diploma
from USJ, my father kept his diploma which is often requested
by the USJ university for special occasions.
Gebara, Maha Michel USA .
Gebara, Marwan PhilipUAEPlease visit our site
Gebara, Maya PhilipDubai, UAE
March 21, 2000
Gebara, Michel PhilipDubai, UAE
November 2003
I am living in dubai since July 2001, working as a branch manager for a logistics company.
Gebara, Naji EzzatDetroit, Michigan.
Gebara, Dr. Nawaf DaoudDietzenbach, Germany.
Gebara, Nicole FawwazBeirut.
Gebara, Paul MichelDubai, UAE
Married to Florence, we have 2 children, Michael, Matthew and Megan Nadine.
Gebara, Peter MichelDubai, UAE I work for Silicon Graphics (SGI) as the Business Development Manager
for the Middle East and North Africa.
I am based in Dubai, and I cover the Entertainment Market which ranges form Broadcast TV,
Media Serving, Special Effects and Animation to Virtual Reality
and Location Based Entertainment.
Gebara, Rana NabilBeirut .
Gebara, Randa AmalToronto, Canada.
Gebara, Serene AmalToronto, Canada.
Gebara, Shadi HabibBeirutI am 27 years old , I work as a computer technician.
I play soccer & love music.
Gebara, Souha HannaDubai, UAE
July 2001
Gebara, Soumaya KhouryBeirut
September 2004
Married to Nabil Hassib Gebara
Gebara, Suzanne RaymondBeirut.
Gebara, Vivian SamiSao Paulo, Brazil
January 2005
Gebara, Wade JosephUSA
July 2014
Wade Joseph Gebara (named after my grandfather who immigrated through Ellis Island. His Arabic name was Wadih Youssef Gebara) My Father was Edward Wade Gebara My son is Edward George Gebara
Gebara, Wadih HabibUAE
August 2004
Married to Georgina, we have two children, Habib (July 20, 1998) and Mireille (August 19, 2004)
Gebara, Walid MichelUSA .
Gebran, Carla NicolasBeirut.
Ghantous, Ghassan NicholaCincinnati, Ohio.
Ghantous, Salam NicholaCincinnati, Ohio.
Ghazal, Faris NimerNorth Carolina
January 2014

Ghazal, Samia HamadOklahoma
August 2004

Ghazel, Antoine PhilipEastsound, Washington USA
June 2000
I am married and have three children 12, 9, and 5.
I own my own consulting firm and provide high technology solutions to small and medium size businesses and civic agencies.
Happy to find this site.
Gholmie, Radwan HabibCuritiba, Parana, Brazil
June 2000
My Mother is Hassibeh. I am married to Sonia and we have three children, Rita Jorge and Edward.
I have two brothers, Edward in Beirut and Farid in Brazil.
I like to receive news about our people.
My phoneone number: 041 2322596.
Gholmieh, Alexandra NassarDallas, Texas.
Gholmieh, Aziz IssaafSan Diego, Cal. USA.
Gholmieh (Cohlmia), Bradley EugeneFair Oaks, California
August 2004
I am married with a lovely wife, one son and daughter.
I am in manufacturing of frozen desserts, ice cream, smoothies, bottled and iced cappuccino drinks. We do business world wide with major US Chain Stores like Carl's Jr. , Hardee's and Burger King
My work site
Gholmieh (Cohlmia), Eddie K. EdwardEnid, Oklahoma
May 2005
My Grandfather, Kamel Gholmieh came to America in 1908 with several Family Members.
My Maternal Grandfather, Mekhael Habeeb Gebara came in the Early 1900s. I Retired from the US Army and a Goverment Contractor.
I am divorced and have Three wonderful Children and Three Grandchildren. Both Families are from Jdeidet Marjeyoun.
I'm looking forward to visiting our Home Place of Origin in the near Future.
Gholmieh (Cohlmia), Eugene ShafikWichita, Kansas
August 2004
My grandparents were Nahoula (Nicholas)Gholmieh and Saleema Abouzuluf.
I am 76, Married to Helen M. (Abla) , we have four sons (The finest).
Jeffrey married to Lisa; Brad married to Jane, (2 children, Alexander & Carrie Marie); Paul (recently Divorced) his children are Meagan, Keely, Baylor and Patrick ; Randall (Randy) actor in Los Angeles, CA. Single.
Gholmieh (Cohlmia), Kay SamuelStillwater, Oklahoma
May 2005
My grandfather immigrated to the USA from Jdeida in 1908. I am in the retail clothing business and would like to learn more about my heritage. Married - wife Sandy and one daughter Kyle a senior at the University of Kansas.
Gholmieh (Cohlmia), RoseOklahoma
May 2005
My parents were Edward A. Cohlmia & Helen Mekhael Gebara
Gholmieh, Dr. Ghassan Issaaf San Diego, Cal. USA.
Gholmieh, Inaam Aziz Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Gholmieh, Issaaf AzizSan Dieggo, California Retired Army Major, Radio Amateur cal: OD5IG
Gholmieh, Marcel InaamSao Paulo, Brazil.
Gholmieh, Ralph-Akram IssaafSan Diego, Cal. USA.
Ghorayeb, Dina EidDubai, UAE
October 2004
My parents are Moufid Kaissar Eid and Nouhad Yaqoub Khoury.
I lived in Beirut all my life and studied at LAU Jbeil.
I got married to Hani Ghorayeb in 1999. We have 2 daughters, Naya who is 3 years old and Karly who is just one month old .
We have been living in Dubai for 5 years and this year I opened a swimwear shop in Burjuman. .
Ghulmiyyah, Joseph MihimSaudi Arabia
October 2001
I lived in Marjeyoun for 6 years then we moved to Syria for 3 years because of my dads work now I moved to Saudi Arabia.
I visit Jdeida every summer and Xmas for the whole vacation .I am 15 years old and would like if people that know me send emails telling their news.
Ghulmiyyah, Milhim JosephSaudi ArabiaPresently working for AGAP Arabia ltd.
Married to Malakah Jirji Adwan, our children are
Joseph 15, Jana 12, & Michel 10