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Hachem, Antoine Raef Byblos (Jbeil)
April 2002
Married to Siham Karam we have three boys, (Wissam 30 married to Amy Mulherin � Los Angeles), Hicham 25 - Italy, and Marwan 20 - Los Angeles.
I enrolled in the army and left after two years, got married very early and went on studying, working and traveling.
I specialized in electro mechanics, then in mining, then in computer science as well.
I run my business in Italy and in Lebanon (Tuscany Engineering & Consulting).
Hachul, Dr. Marcio Soubhia Sao Paulo, Brasil
March, 2000
My grandparents on my mother's side were Tuffi Soubhia from Blat & Badr Abdalla Hamra, from Jdeidet Marjayoun..
My grandmother on my father's side was Emilia Naufal Hachul,she was born in Bueida, Marjeyoun. My parents are Munir Hachul and Leila Taufik Soubhia Hachul.
I am the Vice-President of the Marjayoun Club of Brasil,
in So Paulo-Brasil
Haddad, Chadi FayadOttawa, Canada
April 2000

Haddad, Georges EmileOttawa, Canada
Haddad, Lara JohnCumberland, Ont. Canada
Haddad, Madlene JamesParamus, New Jersey, USA
September 2003
I am the daughter of Eugenie Gebara Haddad who was born in Marjeyoun and married James Haddad of Ain Atta Lebanon.
I have written a book as a tribute to my mother and my late sister, Lorraine Haddad Arida.
It is the history of our family, combined with the many recipes we have created through the years.
The book can be purchased on my web site: .
For every book sold through Marjeyoun Site, a US$2. will be donated to Merjeyoun to be used to better the community.
Haddad, Maher SamirBeirut
Haddad, Mazen Georges .
Haddad, Michel JiryisAntwerp, Belgium
Haddad, Mona EmilePrince Edward Island
January 2003

Haddad, Muin Shawqi

Haddad, Nisrine FayadOttawa, Canada
Haddad, Samar MoufidBeirutMarried to Ramzi Choueiri
Haddad, Samir JiryisBeirut
Hagley, JeromeAtlanta, Ga. USA
Hagley, Susie AdwanAtlanta, Ga. USAI have a Bachelor of Science - Biology,
Kennesaw State University and currently
I teach science to Seventh Grade .
Hajjar, Janette DaabousToronto, CanadaMy father was Youssef Ghattas Daabous from Ebel El Saqi
My mother is Souad El Murr from Jdeida.
We immigrated to Canada in 1951
Hamam, Hala YousefGermantown,TNI am a dietitian, married to Dr. Suleiman Bahouth.
Feel free to e-mail us.
Hamam, Roula YousefVaughan, CanadaMarried to Rafiq Nims
We have one son, Marc born in 1997.
Hamam, Dr. Sami YousefAlexandria, Virginia USA
Hamra, AdelineDallas, Texas USA
Hamra, Afeef ShafeekOklahoma City, Ok. USA
Hamra, AlbertChesterfield, MO USA
September 2002

Hamra, Atuf JosephAbu Dhabi, UAE
Hamra, Chehadeh AbdallahBroummana, Lebanaon
& Oklahoma
I am an Executive with the Middle East Airlines based in Beirut
and have been with them for 42 years.
I commute between Beirut and Oklahoma where my famiy live.
I organize tours from USA to Lebanon and some include Syria & Jordan.
Hamra, Christopher JamilAdonis, Lebanon
August 2001
To all the people of Marjeyoun,you became what you are today due to your hardwork, commitment, selfesteem, creativity, devotion, trust, ambition, respect... The most important things you remember: family and honor ....don't you dare forget that!!!
Hamra, Cynthia AfeefBethesda, MD
August 2001

Hamra, Dima Fouad Beirut
September 2005

Hamra, Fouad ShakibJdeida
January 2004
Dana Hotel & Touristic Resort
Hamra, Fredrick JamilBeirut.
Hamra, Hadi NajeebBeirut
Hamra, Jeanne
Hamra, Joseph HaleemTulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
April 2000
My parents were born in Marjeyoun and they migrated to U.S.
as teens, I am married to Moon Naseeb Nassor from Hasbaya.
Both of us are first born U.S. generation.
We visited Lebanon twice, and congratulate you on your
beautiful country, and pray for peace in the country of
our parents. God Bless
Hamra, Lauren AfeefChicago, IL
Hamra, Michel AdelBeirut, Lebanon
July 2009
I would like to meet all the old and new generations of Marjeyoun in order to keep them hooked to our home town which we all should love.
Hamra, Najat RamezMontreal, CanadaI am married to Ghaleb Wadih Khoury and we have two daughters, Melissa and Jessica.
Hamra, Najeeb ShakibU.A.E.
Hamra, Ryan

Hamra, SusanSt. Louis, MO
September 2002

Hamra, SamU.A.E.
Hamra, Taylor
Hashem, Adma KiwanOttawa, CanadaI am married to Hisham Emile Hashem
Hashem, Aida Abou MradOttawa, Canada
Hashem, Adam Amal PEI, Canada
Hashem, Elias BassemFalkenberg, Sweden
January 2010

Hashem, Emad YousefOttawa, Canada
Hashem, Fawzi YousefOttawa, Canada
February 2006

Hashem, Hany NabihBeirut
June 2004
I'm in Grade 12 or "Terminale :life science" it's my last year of high school, I did my SAT " for admission to AUB '' and hoping to major in NURSING ........
My photos
Hashem, Hashem YousefOttawa, CanadaBorn in Jdeida, immigrated to Canada in 1974.
Me and my brother Fawzi had a grocery store for 25 years.
Divorced, have three great kids, Joey 1980,
Julio 1983 and Sophie 1985 and they love Jdeida..
I enjoy Biking, Camping and surfing the Internet.
My dream is to retire in Jdeida.
Please click here to see my children's photo.
Hashem Famiy Site
Lebanese in Ottawa
Hashem, Hisham EmileOttawa, Canada
Hashem, Issa MekhaelTulsa, Oklahoma
May 2001

Hashem, Joey HashemOttawa, Canada
Hashem, Julio HashemOttawa, CanadaI was born in 1983.
I helped my dad create this site,
which means a lot to him.
Hashem, Leila EmadOttawa, Canada
Hashem, Lena RizkPickering, CanadaI am married to Raymond Ata .
We have three Children
Hashem, Nadine BassemFalkenberg, Sweden
April 2000

Hashem, Nessrine BassemFalkenberg, Sweden
April 2000

Hashem, Nihad YousefAmman, Jordan
November 2005
BS in Nursing from AUB and MS in Nursing from Indiana University and was assisstant Professor at AUB
Currently I teach at Applied Science University in Amman, Jordan.
Married to Munther Salameh and we have three boys, Halim, Issam and Ziad and a daughter Jana
Hashem, Ramsey EmileBoston, USA
Hashem, Rawaa EmileOttawa, Canada
Hashem, Rima Sami Beirut
Hashem, Sami GhassanBeirut
Hashem, Sophie HashemOttawa, Canada
Hashem, Zeina EmileOttawa, Canada
Hazar, Alia MassoudNew York, USA
June 2005
Married to Nicholas Nasr from Kfarcheima and we have three children, Nidal, Rula, and Wissam.
Hazar, Atef Mjalli

Hazar, Fadi MassoudBrooklyn, New York
May 2000
Proud to be Lebanese
Hazar, Elias MassoudVestal, New York USA
October 2000
(Known as Abu Ali)...Married to Janet Estephan, have three kids:
Joseph 17, Andrew 14, Grace 12.
Enjoy hunting and playing poker with family members
and close friends.
Hazar, George MassoudBrooklyn, NYMy wife Barbara, our children, Nicole ,
George Jr and Samantha
Hazar, Hala Atef

Hazar, Mjalli MassoudOld Bridge, N.J."I've been here for thirty years, never did
and never will forget Lebanon and Jdeida
in particular, that little town which gave birth
to some of the finest specimen of people
in the whole world.
" My wife Nadine, daughters Randa and Jamie,
25 and 23 yrs., sons Danny and Jeffrey, 15 and 11yrs.
Keep up the good work and don't forget
Lebanon! YA'ISH LIBNAN !!!
Hazar, Taghrid EidMontreal, Canada
February 2006
I am married to Iyad Karam Jubran and we have two boys Karam and Sam.
Hines, Susan NaufelSpringfield, Illinois USA
June 2000
My grandparents on both sides were form Jdeidet Marjeyoun and all came to the US in the early 1900's.
I am full blooded Lebanese and quite proud of my heritage.
Maternal grandparents were Syed Shadid and Samia Wehba Shadid.
Paternal grandparents were Syed Naufel and Rasheeda Aboussie Naufel.
My parents George C. Naufel (deceased) and Linda Shadid Naufel.
I was born in Detroit, Michigan and have lived in Springfield, Illinois
for almost my entire life.
I am always interested in finding others who just might be related to me.
Mt maternal grandfather was a first cousin to Dr. Michael Shadid and my paternal grandfather was a first cousin to a famous man known as General Naufel.
Homra, Carey

Homra Charles

Homra, Jack .
Homra, William Allen Jr. .
Homra, William ElisFulton, KY. USA Our Fiftieth Anniversay Family Photo
Horany, Diane Buda, Texas USA
June 2000
I am the daughter of Virginia Kouri and Jimmy P. Horany of Wichita Falls.
Mygrandparents are M'Sallam Kouri and Najeeba Hourani and Shukri and Nabeeha Hourani from Jdeidet, Merjeyoun.
My husband's name is Ron Arnold and we have 2 sons, Nick, 23 and Aaron, 13.
We live in a small town south of Austin Texas called, Buda.
I am second cousin to Neda Faye Oren who is engaged to Ghassan Hourani.
Horany, Dr. Ernest SamuelShamrock, OKI am a doctor, specialist in pediatric dentistry,
retired in April 1998.
My father was Saleem Shibley Horany who was born
in Jdeida in 1890.
I was born in Shamrock, OK in 1917. My mother's maiden
name was Annie ElKouri; she was born in Texas
and came to Jdeida as an infant and
in her late teen was a teacher in grade school there.
Horany, Gail GeorgeDallas, TexasMy grandfather Oscar (Issad) Horany left Merjeyoun between 1880-1900 to escape the Ottomans.
My grandmother was Helen (Helouma) Shamis.
They settled in Oklahoma, where my father, George, was born.
My husband is American Lebanese, also. His grandfather, Monseur Bashara, was from Broumana.
He settled in Texas, where my husband's father, Joe M. Bashara, Sr. was born.
Horany, JimWichita Falls, TXMy entire family is full blood Lebanese.
My father is Jimmy Horany, son of Schukre Hourani
and Nabeehah Hourani. My mother is Virginia Kouri,
daughter of Sam S. and Najeeba Kouri (Khouri).
I own and operate a company that designs high
pressure pump systems for all sorts of harsh fluids.
We have a Horany reunion every two years.
All of our family came from Marjeyoun in
the early 1900's.
Please visit our Horany Family Site that I maintain
Horany, John KDallas, TXI am the youngest son (of 5 children) of Melvin and Alice Horany; my father, Melvin, a retired physician, is the youngest son of Shukri and Nabeeha Hourani from Jdeidet Merjeyoun.
I am a lawyer practicing in Dallas, Texas.
Hourani, Katrina NajeebaTexasI am the granddaughter of Shukrie Hourani who
was a cousin to Nabeeha Hourani on my
father's side.
On my mother's side Katrina Hourani (sister of Nabeeha)
was married to M'saalam Kouri.
I visited Marjeyoun in 1969 before the war began.
I hope that I will be able to visit again
in the near future.
Hourani, Alif

Hourani, Cecil FadloJanuary 2001.
Hourani, Chehada Samih

Hourani, Essa FouadAbu Dhabi, U.A.E.
January 2005
I live in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. with my wife Lina Marchi and my 3 children Fouad, Selina and Christina.
I miss Marjeyoun, where simplicity, innocense and family bonds still exist. And I sorely miss my dad who just recently passed away.
Hourani, Elias Fayez

Hourani, Fayek SaadLebanon Promise Solid Surfaces
Hourani, Georges Habib

Hourani, Ghassan Fayez

Hourani, Ghassan NehmtallahUAE
Hourani, Ghazi FayezNorth Carolina
Hourani, Hanna Iskandar

Hourani, Julia RizkAustin, TexasMy husband is Kenneth Waldrop Sr.
My father was born in Lebanon, my mother
was Neda Hourani, she was born in Oklahoma,
all my grandparents were born in Lebanon
Hourani, Katrina Najeeba JimmyTexasI am the granddaughter of Shukrie Hourani who
was a cousin to Nabeeha Hourani on my
father's side.
On my mother's side Katrina Hourani (sister of Nabeeha)
was married to M'saalam Kouri.
I visited Marjeyoun in 1969 before the war began.
I hope that I will be able to visit again
in the near future.
Hourani, Dr. Mokbel HabibBeirut
Hourani, Moujali ChehadaNew York
Hourani, Ramzi Habib

Hourani, Rana GhassanBeirut
Mar. 7, 2000
Student at Balamand. Born on 1-1-1980.
I am very cute and loves to meet people
from my home country, I do not know anyone.
Hope to get a reply from you soon
Hourani, Saad AdnanBeirut
Hourani, Sandra SamihBeirutStudent at AUB
Hourany, Diaa WissamByblos
August 2004

Hourany, Ramzy WissamBeirutStudent at AUB
Humsi, Daniel AmalBrussels, Belgium I am American/Lebanese, born in the U.S.
I enjoy all sort of sports like swimming,
soccer and basketball. I love travelling and reading,
especially newspapers because I am fascinated
by politics. Everytime I go to lebanon my Jiddo tells me
that, when it is safe, he will take me to
Marjeyoun to visit.
Please click here to visit my school site and
check our trip to Florence, Italy
Humsi, Marc AmalBrussels, Belgium I am 13 years old. I have many hobbies
like collecting key chains and post cards
from all the places I have visited so far.
I love sports and I am on the school Rugby team.
I also play squash and skateboard.
I enjoy being with my friends and playing
the piano. I am in the school band and I have
played the trumpet for two years now.
I hope one day I can get to visit kids
my age who live in Marjeyoun.
Humsi, Violette FarhaBrussels, BelgiumI am married to Amal Humsi, we have
two boys, Marc (13) and Danny (11).
Hussein, Khaled KhalilAlexandria, VirginiaMy grandfather was Zoukan Hussein,
I am 34, have been married for 4 years.
My wife Mirna is from Shouhour in South Lebanon.
Our first son, Lou'Ay was born on March 4, 1999.
I came to the states in 84. Graduated from the University of Texas
as an Electrical Engineer, and earned two
Masters degrees in 1988 and 1993.
I worked with Xerox Corp for 7 years,
and now I work for a company called DRC as project leader.
I am currently working my Ph.D. in Computer Science.
My dream is to go back to South Lebanon
and start a technology institution.
Please click here for Our Family Photo