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Kandil, Lina Izzat Beirut
October 2000
Married to Robert Makhoul, we have a twin boys, John & Charbel
Kandil, Salam IzzatOttawa, Canada.
Karam, Haytham KaramAbu Dhabi, UAE
May 2001
Karam, Joseph KaramAbu Dhabi, UAE
May 2001
Katrib, Elicia Riad Troy, MI USA My mother is Hayat Fayez Kotait. I was born and raised in Michigan. I graduated from Wayne State University in Computer Science. I am currently working on MS in BIT. My last visit to Lebanon was in 2002
Katrib, Hayat KotaitTroy, Michigan, USAI am married to Riad Katrib
Katrib, Samer Riad . .
Kayaleh, Nadia Shadid .
Kesserwani, Sami GeorgesOttawa, Canada
March, 2000
I am happily married to Rita Lamia, we have a beautiful
daughter Jessica.We own a fast food Lebanese & Italian
Restaurent at St. Laurant Shopping Centre
Khalaf, Shawkat WalidNew York
March 2006

Khamis, Mhanna Nehmet-Allah . .
Khatcharian, Khatchik MichaelStavanger, Norway
December 2002
To all my friends and beloved, I miss you and love all. I am now settled in Norway and hope that we will meet again
Khamis, Salim Nehmet-Allah. .
Khater, Bassam SalimWashington DC
April, 2001
My mother is Yvonne Shafic Adwan.
I immigrated to the US as a young teenager in 1977, graduated from the university of NY at Buffalo,I'm a real estate investor/devoloper.
Single--I enjoy traveling and outdoor sports activities.
Khouri, Andrew FaridClifton Park, NY, USA"I am 19 years old. Sophomore at Harvard University in Cambrige, MA. I'm studying Biology and pursuing Medical School after graduation."
I enjoy playing soccer (A LOT) and drawing/painting.
I would definitely like to correspond with anyone my age from Jdeida.
College address
Khouri, Chadia SalloumBrisbane, Australia I am married to Elie Khouri, I came toAustralia 12 years ago.
We have three boys Michael, eleven, Richard, eight
and Justin, seven
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Khouri, Edmond FouadZalka, Lebanon.
Khouri, Elie MoufidMontreal, Canada.
Khouri, Dr. Farid FouadClifton Park, NY, USASince I left A.U.B. in 1988, I have been a senior research scientist at GE Corporate Research & Development Center in Niskayuna , NY.
My wife Liliane George Bayoud is on the chemistry faculty at Hudson Valley Community College.
We have two sons, Andrew and Neddy. We enjoy gourmet cooking, music, the Adirondack and Vermont outdoors, playing and coaching soccer.
Office address
Khouri, George AlfredOrlando, Fl. USA.
Khouri, Karen EdmondZalka, LebanonJdeida is a beautiful place to visit.
It's calm and the weather is nice in summer.
It would be real fun to know more "Jdeida People".
Khouri, Neddy FaridClifton Park, NY, USAI'm 14 years old.
I'm starting high school as a freshman.
I've been playing travel soccer for
6 years and enjoy it greatly.
I also play trumpet in the school band.
Khouri, Moufid NehmeMontreal
March 2006

Khouri, Norman Moufid

Khouri, Sandra MoufidMontreal
September 2007

Khourie, Anna Mae Andrews-ThebeAmarillo, Texas
June 2000
Daughter of Thebe Khourie and Adeba Jabour Khourie - both
born in Jdeidet Marjeyoun.
I was born and raised in Hayti, Missouri.
Khourie, Bill N.Elk City, Oklahoma My Grandparents and all of their families were from Marjeyoun.
My dad's father was Wolf Khourie and he settled in
Kentucky around 1903 and later moved to Hayti, MO.
The other half of my family are Jabour.
My mother's parents, Norman and Atter Jabour, came
to America in 1898
Khourie, Regina JabourHayti, Missouri My parents and grandparents were born in Jdeidet Marjeyoun.
My parents migrated to the U.S. in the late 1800 and the
early 1900s. My faternal grandparents were Toma Jabour,
and Regina Kotite, I believe my grandmother was from Hasbaya,
but I do not know much about her family if anyone knows
anything about her descendents I would like to hear from you.
My maternal grandparents were Lafie Khourie and Karma Jabour.
Khoury, Bassam EidU. A. E. I work at Algeco Co. in Abu Dhabi.
Married to Vivi Toufik Adwan and she is a French
teacher at Chouaifat Int'l School
Khoury, Carol TayyarDubai I am married to Imad Phillipe Khoury.
I have Masters Degree in Math.
Khoury, Christopher ImadJdeida
March 2006

Khoury, Fawwaz DaherBeirut
Khoury, Fouad WadihMontreal My mother was the late Alice Najib Swaidan,
I came to Canada in 1974, married to Mireille Bachour.
We have two children, Marc & Maya
Khoury, Gaby PhillipeUAE.
Khoury, George FawwazDubai, UAE .
Khoury, Ghaleb WadihMontreal, Canada My mother was the late Alice Najib Swaidan,
I am married to Najat Ramez Hamra
and we have two daughters,
Melissa and Jessica.
Khoury, Imad PhillipeDubai I am married to Carol Fayez Tayyar,
we are working in Dubai and have two kids
Christopher, and Natalie
I am a Civil Engineer working in the oil sector
as a contractor and agent for many foreign companies.
Khoury, Joseph WadihLaval, CanadaMy mother was the late Alice Najib Swaidan .
Married to Christiane Gallini,
and have two sons, Frdric and Claude
Khoury, Khalil NaifAl Ain, UAE My mother is Georgette Issa Hourani and
I am married to Taghrid Prather Barakat.
We have three children Naif Danny (14),
Danielle Dana (13) and Mira Michelle (9).
Khoury, Majida MichelBeirut.
Khoury, Omar Moussa Oklahoma City, Ok. USA I moved here from Lebanon in 1976.
I do miss the old country and would like as much
information as I can about old friends.
I am 34 years old, married, I am a Senior
Architect at a local architectural design firm.
I love playing soccer, and fishing.
Khoury, Omar SaidTroy, Michigan
November 2000
Khoury, Rana LabibBeirut
July 2000
Khoury, Wafa MichelBeirut.
Khoury, Ziad LabibBeirut
July 2000
Kidess, Adiba JebaraBeirut I am working at the American University of Beirut,
married to Alex Kidess, we have two sons,
Spiro and Samer.
Klopp, Jan FarhaOklahoma I am 45, married to John Klopp,
We Iive in a suberb of Oklahoma City
My parents are Ralph E. Farha
and Blanche Aboussie Farha.
My grandparents were Merhidge and Saida Mattar Farha,
and Yusef and Chafia Bahjat Aboussie,
who all immigrated to US from Jdeida
Kohl, Dina BayoudSchwandorf, Germany
June 2000
My father was George Bayoud, my mother is Souad Deeba Bayoud,
I am married to Kurt Kohl and live with our two lovely
children, Nicolas ( 11) and Cynthia ( 8)in Bavaria-Germany.
We constantly visit Lebanon and Jdeida. My children and
husband enjoy their visits there and always look forward
to the next one.
I also teach Arabic language and Lebanese cooking to
interested German adults at the " Volkshochschule".
Funny enough, many Schwandorf residents now know
"Mansufah, Warak-Arish and Mehshi !!"
Kotait, Elias NassibGainesville, Fl. USA.
Kotait, Hayat FayezTroy, Michigan, USAI am married to Riad Katrib
Kotait, Hussein YoussefKuwait Graduated in 1972 from USA, BSc. in Electrnics.
Working in Kuwait since 1973
Married to Doris Assily,
we have three children, Roula (1984), Youssef (1986)
and Firas (1989)
Kotait, Majed NassibGainesville, Fl. USA.
Kotait, Michael NassibMiami, FL, USA
July 2005
Kotait, Tahany NassibGainesville, Florida
March 2000
I came to US in June 1998, I was a Nurse in Lebanon,
I took my American board of nursing in florida, pass it and
I am working in developmental disability institution in
Gainesville, Florida. I am verry happy and blessed to provide
services to this kind of population.
Kotait, Vincent Joseph ..
Farha, Eva Kotite Texas.
Kotite, Eva YousefTexasMarried to Abed Farhat Farha.
Member of board of trustees of the Lebanese American University in Beirut (LAU)
Kotite, Leila YousefCalifornia
December 2000
Kotite, Nicolas YousefCupertino, CA .
Kourban, Sami KalimDubai, UAEOwner of Al Marj Scientific Equipments and Systems
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
P.O.Box 10035
Tel : 971 4 229963
Fax : 971 4 212514
Mobile : 971 50 6449386
Kouri, Catherine GeorgeDallas,Texas My Grandfather and many others immigrated from
Marjeyoun in 1898 and first came to Texas.
They went to Brinkman, Oklahoma and settled on farms
around 1900. My grandfather was Abousamra Kouri.
He sent for my Sitti (ANNISA) and my father(George) in 1905.
They had 6 more children, Narose, Zakia, Elizabeth, Bessie,
Charlie and Olga.
My Uncle Charlie and Aunt Louise still live on the farm.
My Mother came to USA in 1920. Her name was Helena Swyden.
My parents were married in 1923 and had 6 children.
Woodrow, Laveta, Catherine, Effie Faye, Namon George and Kammell.
My husband Nicholas J. Massad passed away in May 1997.
His Father Joseph J. Massad came to America from Marjeyoun
around the same time as my Grandfather.
His Mothers name was Foutha Mathey, and she came in 1908.
They had 10 children.
Kouri, Effie Faye GeorgeJermyn, Texas My Parents and Grandparents came from
Jdeidet Marjeyoun in the late 1800's
and very early 1900's.
My Grandfathers name was Abosumra and
he was born in Jdeidet Marjeyoun in 1866.
His parents were Monsour and Khazna Kouri.
If anyone is familiar with my descendents,
I would love to hear from you.
Kouri, Sammie MsallamWichita Falls, Texas My parents were M'sallam and Katrina (Hourani) Kouri.
I operate a family-owned grocery store,
along with my two brothers, Samuel and Jimmy.
Kurban, Mary RuthKimberling City, Mo. USA
May 2000
My grandfather Roy Dother Kurban was born in Jdeidet Marjeyoun, I would like to find other Kurbans in Lebanon.
Kutait, Najla Tulsa, Oklahoma
January 2001
Therapist in private practice in Tulsa, Oklahoma, specializing in developmental disabilities.
Board certified behavior analyst, licensed behavioral practitioner, vice chair of the state board of advisors for licensed behavioral practitioners.
Partner in positive practices, llc, an agency providing workshops to professionals on behavior analysis and communication.
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