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Nadda, Karim Samir Cairo, Egypt .
Nadda, Nabil RaefZouk Mekayel
November 2000
Married to Raumonde Salawi. We have two sons:
Raef & Samer, both live in USA.
I have retired in Lebanon after being with 3M Co. for 28 years
Nadda, Raëf Fouad Cairo, Egypt
July 2003
I am married to Jorgina Fikry Andrawis. We have a son, Christian born March 1, 2005.
I am Editor-in-Chief of the sites below:
www.arabia.msn.com - www.masrawy.com - www.yallabina.com - www.otlob.com - www.careermideast.com - www.arabfinance.com - www.mazika.com - www.el3ab.com - www.e-dar.com - www.link.net
Nadda, Raëf Nabil Brighton, Michigan Married to Tricia, we have a beautiful daughter, Katina Marie (January 25, 2003).
I have Bachelor degree in Finance and MBA from Bradley University.
I am working for 3M pharmaceuticals as a sales representative.
Katina's Photo
Nader,George Yousef California
November 2006

Nahssen, Fabio De CarvalhoBatatais, Brazil
June 2004
Grandfather was Hani Chehade Nahssen, of Marjeyoun
Nahssen, Nabil RatibRondonópolis Mt, Brazil
December 2000
Sou LibanEs de nascencia, filho de Ratib Chehada Nahssen
e Honeine Hamra (já falecidos). Sou cicurgião dentista,
casado tenho dois filhos. Tenho parentes no Libano que nunca mais
tive contactos da familia Hamra, que são descentes
de Hassib e Rosa Hamra
Naifeh, BonnieTucson, Arizona
June 2000
I am the daughter of Benny Naifeh (died August 18, 1998)
who was the son of Shahada and Saida Naifeh.
Naifeh, Fadia RadwanPlano, Texas
February 2001
Naifeh, Georges ChakiibAbu Dhabi
March 2000
I am originally from Marjeyoun. I have been there only once
before the war. I was about 7 years old then. I am 35 years old
now married to a wonderfull wife Marianne Sawan, and have a
very cute 19 month old son named Georges. I have graduated
with an MS degree in Mechanical engineering from the
university of Tulsa in Oklahoma and currently working in
Abu Dhabi in the field of construction. My wife has a
Masters degree in business administration from the University of
Saint Joseph in Lebanon. She is not working at this time.
We both would love to visit Marjeyoun one day and we hope that
day is very soon.
Naifeh, JoAnn BayouthTulsa, OklahomaMy parents were Solomon H. Bayouth
and Salwa Andeel Bayouth.
I visited Lebanon with my mom in 1962.
I saw all the things they talked about all their lives.
Lebanon is a beautiful country.
Went to the Orthodox Church in Jdeida
and saw the Bell that my father had installed.
I am married to Jimmie Naifeh and we have four children,
Jimmie Charles, Gina, Sally and Bradley and
six beautiful grandchildren.
I would love to hear from any my relatives and friends.
Naifeh, Khalifeh Rizk Beirut
January 2004
I am married to Ghada Farha who is the Personal Assistant to the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Programme in Lebanon.
My son Rizk, who has a BA in Business Marketing, is married to Ms. Lyna Habib, Architecture, and are residing in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
Naifeh, Philip R Kansas City, MO, USA
August 2000
My home tow is Tulsa, OK.
I am the oldest grandson of Mifleh Naifeh & Zahra (Khoury) Naifeh, both from Marjeyoun.
My brother & I hope to visit there in the next year or so.
One of my Sitti's sisters still lives there
Naifeh, Rizk Khalifeh Dubai
March 2004
I have been living outside Lebanon for the past seven years. I got married last year to a wonderful lady and her name is Lyna Habib Naifeh (no kids till now). I am twenty nine years old and I work in the field of advertising and media. .
Naifeh, Tim James
Najem, Elias YoussefU. A. E.
Najim, Marie JosephAbu Dhabi, U.A.E.Born & raised in Marjeyoun for 10 years.
Completed studies in Beirut until 1986.
I live and work in Abu Dhabi
Najim, Yolla JosephMississauga, Canada
Naoufal, Jabbour EdouardMontreal, Canada
Nasr, Karam GhantousBeirut
June 2002
My mother is Salwa Mohib Abou Mrad, I am a current student at Lebanese American University of Beirut studying Banking and Finance.
Nasser, Ahmad BahjatFoz Do Iguacu, Brasil
September 2003
President & C.E.O. of Fenicia International Group
Nasser, Nabil BahjatParaguayI have been living in Brazil/Paraguay since 1974.
I am the vice president of the Cultural Lebanese University in the World.
Nassif, Leila DakhilBeirut
Nassoura, Elsie Samara
Nassoura, Marina SukkariehSan Ramon CA.
Naufal, Dunia OmarSao Paulo, Brazil
July 2000
My mother is Doha Alfred Abou Chahla
Naufel, Susan GeorgeSpringfield, Illinois USA
June 2000
My grandparents on both sides were form Jdeidet Marjeyoun and all came to the US in the early 1900's.
I am full blooded Lebanese and quite proud of my heritage.
Maternal grandparents were Syed Shadid and Samia Wehba Shadid.
Paternal grandparents were Syed Naufel and Rasheeda Aboussie Naufel.
My parents George C. Naufel (deceased) and Linda Shadid Naufel.
I was born in Detroit, Michigan and have lived in Springfield, Illinois
for almost my entire life.
I am always interested in finding others who just might be related to me.
Mt maternal grandfather was a first cousin to Dr. Michael Shadid and my paternal grandfather was a first cousin to a famous man known as General Naufel.
Nayfeh, Abdo RadwanBeirut
Nayfeh, Dr. Shihadeh NasriBeirut Provost & Exec. Vice President Lebanese International University
Nesheiwat, Diana VictorWinnetka, CAMarried to Mitri Saleh
My mother is Intisar Shaker Barakat.
I was born in 1976. I graduated in
Jan. 99 from the University of Jordan
(B.S. in French language.).
Nims, Rafiq TaniosVaughan, CanadaMarried to Rola Yousef Hamam
We have one son Marc born 1997.
Noffel, Jerry Alexander
Nsheiwat, Bashar VictorAmman, JordanMy mother is Intisar Shaker Barakat
I am 19 years old, and second
year computer science.