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Saab, Elie Samir Beirut
Saab, Randa ShadidBeirut.
Sabbagh, Elias SalimBeirutI work for Konica. I know all about photography.
When I meet someone for the first time, they bring
a broken camera to fix.
I do not repair cameras, and I do not process films.
I market and supervise developing machines installation
and follow-up.
My wife is Mimi. We have two boys Salim and Camille.
Sabbagh, Habib AssaadMontreal, Canada
Sabbagh, Maya EmileBeirut
Sabbagh, Maxim GabrielBeirutSon of Salma Saleem Mahfouz
Sabbagh, PierreMontrealMarried to Rima Mahfouz Mahfouz
Sabbagh, Salah EmileFredricton, Canada.
Sabbagh, Salim EliasBeirut
May 2000
Sabbagh, Sandra AssaadJounieh.
Sago, AdrianaArgentina
September 2000
My grandparents were from Marjeyoun. My grandmother's name is Olga Abla and my grandfather was David Sago (Originaly Sayegh, it was changed when he came to Argentina).
I have lots of family there and I'd like to know more about Lebanon and Marjeyoun. I was brought up listening about
this wonderful country.
Saied, William R.Oklahoma My father, Oscar Saied, came to USA in 1894. He was from Jdeidet Marjeyoun. His father's name was Said Daghush (Americanized to "DeGaish")but it was changed at Ellis Island to "Saied" since they could not spell "Daghush".
I am a retired District Judge in Oklahoma< and had unlimited jurisdiction so I could try all kinds of civil and criminal cases.
My first trip to Lebanon was in October 1999
Salameh, Alice MamdouhLondon, UK.
Salameh, Dr. George MamdouhLondon, UK.
Salameh, Halim MuntherMiami, Florida Please visit my home page
Salameh, Issam MuntherWashington, DC My Site
Salameh, Jana MuntherVirginia, USA.
Salameh, Maher MakramBeirutI am a 2nd year student at AUB majoring in Computer and Communication Engineering.
I love Marjeyoun
Salameh, Dr. Mamdouh GeorgesLondon, UK I have a Doctorate in oil economics and I am a consultant for the World Bank, Washington D.C. and a technical expert with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) in Vienna.
I am also Director of the Oil Market Consultancy Service in the UK, a research-based organization which provides research studies on oil and energy to oil companies, the World Bank and Ministries of Petroleum around the world.
Among my publications, three books on oil entitled:
"Is A Third Oil Crisis Inevitable?"
"Jordan's Energy Prospects & Needs to the Year 2010"
"Over a Barrel"

Please visit our site
Salameh, Mazin MakramDubai, UAE.
Salameh, Monjid MakramBeirut.
Salameh, Moueen KhalilBeirut.
Salameh, Muna HalimStillwater, Ok. USAMarried to Gerald McClain,
we have two children, Zana and Vander
Salameh, Munther HalimAmman, Jordan Pharmacist, graduated from the American University of Beirut , worked in the pharmaceutical industry and was the CEO of a pharmaceutical manufacturing company.
In 2000 established a pharmaceutical consulting firm.
I am Married to Nihad Hashem, we have three sons, Halim, Issam and Ziad and a daughter Jana
Salameh, Najwa WehbeUSA.
Salameh, Nihad HashemAmman, Jordan
November 2005
BS in Nursing from AUB and MS in Nursing from Indiana University and was assisstant Professor at AUB
Currently I teach at Applied Science University in Amman, Jordan.
Married to Munther Salameh and we have three boys, Halim, Issam and Ziad and a daughter Jana
Salameh, Raed MarwanAmman, Jordan.
Salameh, Ramy MamdouhEngland
Salameh, Ramzi MarwanAmman, Jordan
Salameh, Sally ElieJdeida
October 2006
To get to know me more, you can check my website www.secretgirl30.piczo.com
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Salameh, Samer OdehAbu Dhabi, UAEMarried to Maria Shaheen El Khoury
Salameh, Sawsan ElieBeirut
April 2001
Currently (2006)I am a senior AUB student majoring in Chemistry. I am planning to continue my Masters in Organic Chemistry next year.
Salameh, Ziad MuntherAmman, Jordan.
Salamy, Emad PhillipeOttawa, Canada
January 2004
Cook Book.
Salamy, Salam PhillipeSaudi Arabia I am married to Wadia Elia Gebara and
currently working for Saudi Aramco.
Hope that I will contact several of the friends and relatives through this Web page.
Salloum, Chadia AlfredBrisbane, Australia I am married to Elie Khouri. I came to Australia 12 years ago.
We have three boys Michael, Richard, and Justin.
Salloum, Khalil SimonJdeida
May 2001
A am a student at Deir Al Rab
Salloum, Renata RobertoSao Paulo, Brazil
August 2002
My grand grandfather was Afiz Salloum .
Salum, Sada Alexandre Jr.Sao Paulo, Brazil
August 2000
I am a dentist. I love travelling , but I've never been to Lebanon. The nearest place I've been to it was Egypt some years ago.
My father is a retired high school principal, he have a fishing products manufacturing company.
My grandfather was Alexandre Salum and he came from Marjeyoun to Brazil when he was about 15 years old and never went back to Lebanon. He died in 1976
Samara, Angela MaherBeirut.
Samara, Basil Shawki. Please visit our site Caravelle, Arabic Music
CD' at Lowest mail Order Prices
Samara, Camille NajibHouston, Texas
February 2005

Samara, Elsie Fares..
Samara, Fares SalamBeirut
January 2003
Samara, Fouad MoussaBeirut.
Samara, Gene RobertBeirut
December 2009
I am the granddaughter of Fawzi Samara and Salwa Naoufal .
Married to Nabil Baroudi and have two children: Jad and Samar
Samara, George Farid PEI, Canada
March 2002
I like to meet my relatives all over the world
Samara, Mufid Fawzi

Samara, Nadim MoussaUrbana-Champaign, Illinois, USA
March 2001
Very happy to hear about the extended family of Marjeyoun...great spirit people
Samara, Samia GhazalOklahoma City
August 2004
Noor Seeker
Little Marjeyoun
Samara, Zeina Adib

Samara, Zena Chakib Jdeidet El Metn, Lebanon
April 2006
Sawaya, Randa MaatoukPittsurg, CA, USA
December 2000
My parents are Abdallah Tanios Maatouk & Odette Youssef Khoury. I am married to Nadim Sawaya from Dhour Shouweir. We have two boys, Michael and Robin
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Sayegh, Victor ShahineUSA
October 2010

Saykly, John..
Sears, Lisa Homra..
Semaan, Ritta KalimBeirut
October 2000
My mother is Elham Yousef Hashem
I am a student at AUB
Shadeed, Dr. Baheeg LawrenceMarietta, Georgia I am a doctor in Atlanta. I am married to Carolyn Shadeed, and we have four children - two girls, 2 boys
Shadeed, Faraj LawrenceJamaica Please visit our site Island Spice
Shadeed, Juliano BaheegMarietta, Georgia.
Shadeed, Larry FarajAtlanta, Georgia.
Shadeed, Sarina BaheegAtlanta, Georgia
November 2001
Daughter of Dr. Baheeg Shadeed of Marjeyoun. Currently reside in Atlanta, Georgia, attending university. I have a webpage with photos of my family and will be glad to send the link upon interest. Sending my love to friends and family in Lebanon - we miss you and will see you soon
Shadid, Adeeba EmileMiami, Florida
November 2005
Phd, Therapist, CE0 local TV and radio stations, commercial real estate, married to Dr. Samir Ayyache, mother to Dr. Rima and Goerge
Shadid, Assaad KhalilOttawa, Canada
June 2003
Shadid, Badih RaficOttawa, CanadaMarried to Ahlam Adib Shadid,
we have two sons, Ziad and Shadi
Shadid, Basil FahimSeattle, Wa. USA I am 26 and currently live in Seattle, Washington where I am in graduate school, studying Counseling.
When I graduate I hope to open a private practice as a therapist and work with people who want to work through issues of trauma.
My hobbies are to read, travel, work on the computer, hang out and have fun
Shadid, Christiane FaridBeirut.
Shadid, Elham EidBeirut.
Shadid, Elias AdibOttawa, Canada.
Shadid, Emad EidSaudi Arabia I am working for Nesma Emcor Co. in Saudi Arabia as finance manager.
Married to Mona Hassan Dabaghi. We have three daughters & one son.
Shadid, Emile FaridBeirut.
Shadid, Fadi EdmondNigeria
May 2006

Shadid, Fadia AdibOttawa, Canada
August 2001
Shadid, Fahim EmileChicago, Ill. USA.
Shadid, Farid EmileBeirut.
Shadid, Ferris Fahim..
Shadid, Georges VictorBeirut.
Shadid, Jebran GeorgesBeirut Aviation maintenance engineer.
Senior line maintenance Manager(Middle East Airlines-Beirut.)
Shadid, James G.Oklahoma City I am married to Gayla, father of three and Grandfather of eight .
My real name is Jameel, my father was Solyman Shadid(Sam Shadid), born in Jdeida in 1900 to Aboud Shadid. His mother was from the Shaheen family and he had two brothers Hanna and Deeb and a sister Farida who remained in Jdeida and married to Shukri Shadid.
My fondest desire and dream is to be able to visit there someday.
Shadid, Joseph VictorBeirut I am 46, single , Marine claims & underwriting, claim's supervisor and controller of the overseas agents in an insurance company.
Shadid, Dr. Mokbel KhalilGrand Blanc, MI. USA Neurological Surgery, Section Chief of Neuro surgery-Genesys Health System.
President-World Association of Lebanese Neurosurgeons
Shadid, Rana EmadMansourieh, Lebanaon
August, 2000
Shadid, Rima JosephBeirut.
Shadid, Samer MuntherJdeida
July 2002
Shadid, Shadia AdibOttawa, CanadaMarried to Ross Scott
Shadid, Shadi WalidAmman, Jordan
December 2007

Shadid, Siham VictorBeirut.
Shadid, Tawfique KhaledCalifornia I'm 22 years old student, and I also work full time as an Engineer at a Telcom company
Shamas, Mitchell EllisTulsa, Oklahoma, USA
April 2000
My father was Ellis, whose father was Shaker whose father was Habeen Shamas of Jdeidet.
Habeen's wife was Zelpha Secria or Sukkarieh.
Shaker and his sisters Wadia and Handoumma came to U.S. about 1908.
Shaker's mother and sister Rahia remained.
Rahia married Jabbour Nofal.
The Nofal's had six sons: Sleiman, George, Michel, Edward, Jean and Albert and three daughters:
Salwa, Mary and Eugenia. I am an attorney in Tulsa, OK.
Shanbour, Mitchell & LindaWitchita, Ks. Linda:" I am the daughter of Lamy
and Dorothy (Tayar) Shadid and the< granddaughter of Very Rev. Shroukrala< and Khatoom (Samara) Shadid.
My other grandparents were Nichaols and Hafeetha (Diab) Tayar." Mitchell:"I am the son of John and Sadie (Zakoura) Shanbour."
Would love to find information, parents, grandparents, dates, etc. of John Shanbour, and also, the mother's maiden name of Khatoom (Samara) Shadid
Shdeed, Bill & Pam..
Skaf, Charbel NawafAbu Dhabi , U.A.E.
March 2003
I found this site so beautiful and nice...I missed Lebanon so much...
I want to say hi to everybody in Marjeyoun...
Skaf, Haifa FouadClovis, California
March 2000
I wish we can have a big Reunion for all Marjeyounis some day.
Please visit my site
Skaf, John FouadClovis, California I am an Electrmechanical Engineer, married to Tatiana Bataeva from Ukrane.
We have two wonderful children, Christina and Andrew
Skaf, Nawaf EliasAbu Dhabi, UAE I am married to Badiaa Antonious Ibrahim from Tourza (North Lebanon)
We have 3 children, Rita, Sharbel and Sumaya
Skaf, Ramzy NajeebJdeidet Marjeyoun
February 2002
Skaf, Dr. Rana AssaadNaccash, Lebanon I am a Medical Doctor, 3rd yr resident Obstetrics and Gynecology at AUB-MC
The best part of it all:
My mom is Hala Hafeez Bayyoud, and I am Proud of it!
I visit Merjeyoun yearly and I love being partly from there.
Skaf, Rita NawafAbu Dhabi , U.A.E.
March 2003
I'm 22 years old, secretary at a contracting company..
My grandparents were Elias & Soumaya Skaf.
My mother is Badia Ibrahim Skaf, from Tourza, North Lebanon..
I have a brother (Sharbel, 21 Yrs ) & a sister (Soumaya, 16.5 yrs).. I'm very proud to be a MARJEYOUNI..
A big hi to all the members of "SKAF" family & to other Marjeyounis.. .
Skaf, Soumaya NawafAbu Dhabi , U.A.E.
March 2003
I am 16.5 years old. I am proud to be Lebanese and Marjeyouni .
Skaf, Wassim RaymondDemocratic Republic of Congo I am single 37 , General Manager of Fransabank.
I have two brothers Naji and Ghassan.
Skaff, Joseph FouadDavenport, Iowa.
Skoury, Dr. Asaad MansourBeirut I am 24 years old, last year studying Medicine at AUB. I visit my town very frequently
I would like to get in contact with my relatives in the States
Skoury, Mansour AsaadJdeida
August 2002
Skoury, May MansourBeirut.
Smiley, Sami IbrahimOttawa, Canada.
Smith, Bob..
Smith, Bonnie NaifehTucson, Arizona
June 2000
I am the daughter of Benny Naifeh (died August 18, 1998) who was the son of Shahada and Saida Naifeh.
Solomom, MichaelStillwater, Oklahoma My Grandfather was Joseph Massad who immigrated from Jdeida in the late 1800's to Oklahoma. He was the father of 10 children, most of whom are still alive in Oklahoma and Texas.
Our families have helped establish the Orthodox Church in Kansas and Oklahoma, and are proud of our heritage and our homeland.
We still have family in Jdeida
Soueidan, Samira SaiidKansas City I am married to Michel Batrouni. We moved to the US along with our children in 1979 and settled in Kansas City where we found many of the Swaydens, Frahas and Eddys.
I enjoy keeping in touch with people from Jdeidet Marjeyoun and staying updated on the latest news.
Soueidan, Zahi SaiidBrooklyn, NY I am married to Ward Michel Rashed. We have one son, Saiid.
I own and operate a Middle Eastern groceries, wholesaler and distributor.
Specializing in organic fruits and vegetables (Baladi)
Stephan, Ramzi WadieMoedling, Austria
December 2000
My mother was the late Georgette Salim Mussallam
Sukarieh, Walid IssamBoston, USA
May 2004
Sukkarieh, Elias BassemNew York, USA.
Sukkarieh, Hikmat SaiidMontreal
September 2014
Sukkarieh, Marina LabibSan Ramon CA.I am married to Ramzi Nassoura
Sukkarieh, Michael Labib (Abu Keyan)New Jersey, USA I am married to Carla Khoury a comrade from the south of Lebanon. (please no phone calls from single women or men). We have a son named Keyan. I work in the information security of high tech. Please add me to your address books. Keyan's Photo Album
My Resume
Sukkarieh, Nagi LabibNew Jersy, USA I graduated in 1989 with a BS/MS in Computer Science/Information Science,and work in NYC. I enjoy volley-ball, racquette-ball and soccer.
Also play Arabic music; keyboard mainly and guitar as well. Great cook !! from kibbeh to kafta:) Honestly, ask Hashem
Sukkarieh, Nicola ShakibBeirut.
Sukkarieh, Saiid Hikmat..
Sukkarieh, Zafer Elias..
Suweidan, Sandra MazenBrooklyn, NY I am an attorney in New York, I used to be an Assistant District Attorney I do miss being a prosecutor.
I never been to Marjeyoun, but I am proud to be a part of it.
Swaidan, Michel LabibQatar Single born in 1975. I finished Electrical Engineering from University Of Balamand, I am currently working for Consolidated Contractors Int'l Company
Swaidan, Samia GeorgeBeirut
December 2002
Swaidan, Shakib LabibCalgary, Alberta, CanadaI am married to Ramza Mousa Gebran, we have two boys Ramy and Shadi.
I am the service manager for Intergulf Cidex. Ramza works for the Foothills Hospital .
Swaidan, Sheila HabibToronto, CanadaBorn in Toronto to Habib Najib Swaidan who emigrated to Canada in 1956
Swyden (Swaidan), Gavin PhillipOklahoma City, OK
May 2009
I am 31 yrs old. I work in hotel management in Oklahoma City for the Intercontinental Hotel Group.
I am coming to Marjeyoun in September, and am looking forward to meeting other Swaidans there.
My Page
Swayden (Swaidan), KelliKansas City, Kansas
February 2008
I was born and raised in Kansas, though most of the Swayden family now lives in Oklahoma and Texas.
My great-grandfather Rasheed Swaidan came to the US from Marjeyoun in 1914, and my family has lived here since that time. I know that many Swaidans still reside in Lebanon, and look forward to getting to know them.
My grandmother was Juria Madi
Sweidan, Ra'fat SalemAmman, Jordan
June 2003
I am 45 years old, married and have two sons and one daughter. My father was born in Marjeyoun, I have two sisters, Rita and Rimonda .
I have a B.Sc. in Applied Industrial Chemistry, worked in various fields, but now I am running my own company.
We are agents to many Multi-National companies that supply raw material to awide range of industries mainly Pharmaceutical, Detergents, Cosmetics, Food and Institutional Applications covering a large section of the Middle East.
If any body from Marjeyoun ever visit Jordan, please contact me and I will be more than happy to meet with you and assist in any way I can