January 25, 2009

Hanna H. Farha
Air Aar, Lebanon

Wherever I go
East or west
Jdeideh remains
Always the best
Jdeideh to me
Is my only home
There I grew up
There I was born..

In the East
Lies mount Haramoun
In the West
Falls pretty Beaufort
In the North
Green meadows shine
In the South
Dear Palestine

* * *

Lived in a home
Not by myself
But with others
And enjoyed life
Lived with sisters
Lived with brothers
We were not rich
We were not poor
We were Happy
Happy for sure
One thing was common
Among us all
The love of God
And Mom and Dad
The love of home
And all the others
Jdeideh my dear
You're always near
Jdeideh we love you
Yes sure we do
From all of us
A kiss,a hug
Until we meet
Keep your chin up
And forward move
Towards the top..