March 15, 2009

Hanna Habib Farha

Marwan and the Aircraft

When little Marwan saw Slumber getting near,he closed his eyes.Slumber was watching him carefully.He noticed Marwan's eyelashes shivering, so he asked:

"Something is bothering you Marwan.Tell me what it is...Perhaps I can help."

Marwan opened his eyes and said "It is the aircraft...The aircraft is bothering me..."

" The aircraft?"asked Slumber with astonishment..."Don't you like aircrafts?"

"I love aircrafts a lot" replied Marwan."I've collected pictures of them,hanged them on my walls as you can see...But this evening,I saw on television an aircraft dropping strange objects,which soon they hit the ground,they caused fires ,destroyed houses and killed mothers,fathers and children...I don't like such aircrafts."

Slumber thought for a while and said "I don't like such aircrafts either ...And now what do you want?"

" I wish that all those aircrafts disappear from the world" Marwan replied.

Slumber looked at Marwanwith concern and said " Sure my little friend..Only those aircrafts you like will remain.The rest will disappear."

Marwan closed his eyes and went to sleep to dream of a sky full with planes carrying people ,flying all over the cities of the world.In each city,children go out from their homes to the streets to watch with their eyes those aircrafts flying in the sky,wave to them with their hands,sing and dance while the planes were dropping flowers ,toys and cards written on them,'I AM MRWAN...I LOVE YOU..'

Marwan laughed and laughed, while Slumber retreated to leave the place quietly.