My Dear Niece
Darya Eugenie Farha

November 22, 2011

Hanna H. Farha
Ain Aar, Lebanon

Oh... You
The dwellers of my Kingdom
Let's all celebrate...
Darya is here
I ask you to kneel down
And wish the new angel
All the best
That we can give
To make her stay with us
As comfortable
As it could be...
Let's all welcome Darya
Who has picked our world
Knowing for sure
It's the world
Of true love'
And truth,
And left behind
A world
That wasn't made for her
And for all those
Like her...

We welcome you
In our Kingdom
We want to assure
All those you left behind
That you are now
And well preserved
By our Great Lord.

Darya my dear,
In our Kingdom
There is no room
For pain,
Feel free
To say what you want to say
Without fear
And do whatever you want to do
In our kingdom
Freedom has no limits
Because it doesn't infringe upon
The freedom of others...

In our world
Love has no limits
Cause it is true and pure
So is honor
So is sincerity
So is truth
So is sacrifice
So is friendship
So is faith
So is joy.

We know
How much all those
You left behind
Are going to miss you

We know
How much you loved
Each and everyone
And how much
Each and everyone
Loved you
They will never
Stop loving you
Cause you were always
So special
To each
And everyone of them..
In the name of those
Who are left behind
We want you to
Feel assured
That nothing but love
Will remain
The source
Of their COMFORT.

Ain Aar- Lebanon