My heart melts with sorrow.
You have left us and I feel the silence, the emptiness, and the void. I look around me here in your beautiful home, and in the family who have embraced your departure with such sadness, and all I see is you. I see your love and devotion. I see your gracefulness and your kindness. I see your dedication and sacrifice. I see your pride and I see your dignity. I see your unwandering patience and I see your eternal wisdom. I see your incorrigible strength and I see your courage.

You are a glorious woman.
Everything you do and everything you touch turns into magnificence and excellence.
You have filled our lives with so much joy.
Where do I start and where do I end, mother.
You have no beginning and you have no end to me. You are my everything. The circle of life includes you and is you. The everyday of my life has you in it. You sculpted who I am and what I am, and now a part of me has left.

What can a son ask for more from a mother who knew how to cook all the right recipes for happiness ?

Your angelic face, as you quietly and peacefully said goodbye to us, bares an unmatched remembrance in my heart. Rest in peace.

I love you.