Raed AM Mahfouz Qatar
January 15, 2009

Dear Friends,

Condolences for loosing our Lebanon that we used to dream about, it exists now only in heaven, but thank God it is safe far away from corrupted politicians.
Our Dream "The Phoenix Bird' is always flying high up above Lebanon and the whole World with Mansour Rahbani, Aassi Rahbani, Gebran Khalil Gebran, Michael Naimi, Filimon Wehbi, Zaki Nasif, Toufiq El Basha, Dr. Michael Dabaghi, The Lebanese Spirit of Che Guevara, my Father Abdulmassih Mahfouz (even if his Literature Books are not published yet), my Brother Issam Mahfouz, Samir Kasir, Gebran Teuini, Nassri Shamseldin, Joseph Saqr....and lots and lots of Others, excuse me for not mentioning all Names; who gave some value and identity for our short visiting life on this Earth.

Watching the special TV- LBC programme about Mansour Rahbani, done by Marcell Ghanem in "Kalam el Nass" broadcasted on 15th January, what a beautiful evening with Glory of Mansour and Aassi, sharing on the screen the lively great moments spent with Mansour's closet poets; this made me extremely proud of our Flying Great Lebanese Dream "The Phoenix Bird', but at the same time made very sad to look around and witness reality, the struggling cheap dream on land.

Salute to Aassi, Salute to Mansour and Salute to the lots and lots of others, who shall always keep holding our Great Dream High up in the Sky; Salute to "The Phoenix Bird" landing some times to rest on our Cedar Trees Forestů then flying again to Safe Heaven, hoping to achieve our Dream one day in Lebanon on this Earth, or in the Future on a similar piece of Land on Mars called Lebanon.

Loaded by Great Mansour with inspiration for endless Cheerful Beautiful Hope in the Sky; and with deep Grieve on Earth for what is hapening in poor Lebanon and in the Land Of Jesus.