Honoring the late
Nellie Nemer Musallam

On April 24, 2010 and in a festival, the mayor and the city counsel of Irbid, Jordan honored the people who contributed to education in this second largest city in the country.
Nellie was the principal of the first school for girls in Irbid in the early 1940s.
She was the sister of the late Euginie Musallam Salameh, of Irbid, the late Dr. Sami Musallam of Oklahoma, the late Najeeb Musallam of Beirut, the late Mariam Musallam Hadba of Jdeidet Marjeyoun and the late Adma Musallam Khoury of Nazareth, Palestine.

As a symbol of appreciation, every honoree received a Trophy, and for the ones who passed away it was handed to the next of kin.
In Nellie’s case, it was received by her nephew Pharmacist Munther Halim Salameh of Amman

Munther receiving the trophy
from the Mayor of Irbid
and congratulations from the former
Jordanian Minister of Education