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Costantine , Michael Khalil Bourj Al Moulouk
May 2002
This is my last year at Marjeyoun National College; I love all kinds of sports ,and I like surffing the Internet, that is why I have my own web site which I hope you visit.
I am happy to see my home town on the internet and I will be pleased if you contact me .. ya halaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Farah, Mirna JermanousTehachapi city, California
November 2005
Married to Bassem Karkar, we have two children Rony (1990) and Jessica (1994).
We immigrated to the United States last May, we have just started to establish our new life.
I wish if you can display more photos about Bourj El-Moulouk.
Harrouz,Tarek Massoud Saudi Arabia
December 2003
I had the chance to grow up in this wonderful paradise, so it implanted in me all of its holy characteristics such as living in a loving family.
I graduated in 1998 with a B.S. in Statistics and working now in Saudi Arabia as an assistant manager in the Consumer Assets Division and Credit Cards planning Department in the Saudi American Bank. Peace for all.
Homsi, Eli Emile Westland, Michigan Currently I work as Desktop Analyst
at Ford Motor Company. Graduated in 88.
Like to Travel and any outdoor activity...and for sure Go Red Wings
Homsi, Malek Bahige
Homsy, Joseph IssamBeirut
May 2002
I have two brothers Jacoub ( Officer in the L.A ) and Benjamen ( employee ) . As for me I'm a university Graduate ( Faculty of Information ) , I have a B.A in Public Relations .
I love all that is related to my lovely village , that encouraged me to be a member here ... Since I'm not a big mouth guy ,,, I do not like to talk much , but if any is interested just let us be in touch .
C ya i hope.
Humsi, AmalBelgiumI am married to Violette Farha, we have two boys, Marc (13) and Danny (11).
Humsi, Daniel AmalBelgiumI am American/Lebanese, born in the U.S.
I enjoy all sort of sports like swimming,
soccer and basketball. I love travelling and reading,
especially newspapers because I am fascinated by politics.
Everytime I go to Lebanon my Jiddo tells me that,
when it is safe, he will take me to Marjeyoun to visit.
Humsi, Marc AmalBelgiumI am 13 years old.. I have many hobbies
like collecting key chains and post cards
from all the places I have visited so far.
I love sports and I am on the school Rugby team.
I also play squash and skateboard.
I enjoy being with my friends and playing the piano.
I am in the school band and I have
played the trumpet for two years now.
I hope one day I can get to visit kids my
age who live in Marjeyoun.
Khoury, Fouad WadihMontreal My mother was the late Alice Najib Swaidan,
I came to Canada in 1974, married to Mireille Bachour.
We have two children, Marc & Maya
Khoury, Ghaleb WadihMontreal, Canada My mother was the late Alice Najib Swaidan,
I am married to Najat Ramez Hamra
and we have two daughters, Melissa and Jessica.
Khoury, Joseph WadihLaval, CanadaMy mother was the late Alice Najib Swaidan .
Married to Christiane Gallini,
and have two sons, Frédéric & Claude
Khoury, Ramza KhairallahToronto, Canada
October 2014
I am married to Marwan Diab. My father is from Bourj-El-Moulouk and my mother from Blat, born and raised in Beirut, immigrated to Toronto in 1975, due to the unrest in our country. Still miss a lot, but lucky enough to be able to visit often.
Massaad, Saadeh MassaadBeirut, Lebanon
January 2002
I am currently living in Lebanon and I am working at the Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts (Six Continents Hotels) as Rooms Division Manager.
You must all visit Lebanon and Go to Marjeyoun to see the beauty of it.
After long years you can see the green carpets of the marej as if carpets have been placed side by side and the weather is really fantastic.
You can see the real people that you miss all these days and enjoy a summer vacation or even a winter vacation next to the heaters ( as it is still known as Soubya).
A real place for you all. .
Rezk, Majed YoussefDhahran, Saudi Arabia
July 2000
I am working for Bechtel at King Fahd Int'l Airport (Dammam).
I am married to Therese Manwel Houmsi,
we have three children, Rita, Joseph & Christine.
Rizk, Dany AdnanMontezuma, NM
October 2000
Sioux Falls, SD, USA My family is in Lebanon, My dad is Adnan Salim Rizk, and my mom is Arlette Fares.
I used to study at the MNS ( Marjeyoun National School).
I came to the states in the year 1999, and right now I'm studying
in the United World College of the American West (IBO program).
I have a brother (George) and two sisters (Daniella, and Denize).
Sleiman, Joelle EliasJdeida
April 2002
I live in Marjeyoun, my second home town. I've been living there since I came from Saudi Arabia.I used to have two brothers, (Nicolas & Andy) but they were killed in a car accident on Augest 16th 2001.
I study (Tourism) in Beirut but I stay with my mom & dad in Marjeyoun on the weekends.
I'm happy to see my two beloved villages on the internet & I hope you all write me soooooooon.