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Abood, Gaylan Charles Omaha, Nebraska, USA
August 2008
My grandparents, Emon (or Amen) and Anna Abood, migrated from the Deir Mimas area around 1900.
I would appreciate any information on Deir Mimas.
I am semi-retired from Cambridge Advisors Inc., an investment advisory firm I founded in 1990.
Michael Aboujamra, Mitchell Chicago
April 2015
I was the first born in US on my Aboujamra side. My jiddo Nayef Aboujamra is from Deirmimas but my dad was raised in Sebhel.
Would love for anyone to reach out with more info on my family and or history.
Adedo, Fernando Chile
August 2003
My grandfather Jorge Adedo was born in Deirmimas
Alexander, Mara Alex Alexandria, Virginia, USA
July 2006
Granddaughter of Nicholas Bernaba (Ole Alexander)
Anka, Fouad Elias Beirut Computer help desk & Electronic Technician
Aschkar, Luciano Welson Brazil
April 2005
I am a lawyer and live in the State of Sao Paulo
I am the grandson of David Jose Aschkar, who came from Deirmimas to Brazil about a century ago.
My grandfather was the son of Jose Aschkar and Fatna Ammar.
I appreciate if someone writes me and tell me more about my origin and family in Lebanon
Ashkar, John RachidAbu Dhabi - U.A.E.I was born in Ablah in the Bekaa Valley.
My father passed away in 1987 .
Audi, Massad RamezPhoenix, Ar. USA.
Awdeh, Dr. Maher RamezMemphis, Tenn. USA.
Awodey, Marc WilliamBurlington, Vermont
July 2004
My granfather Tofeke Awodey was born in Deirmims in 1900 his sister Tofeka was born 1893 and brother Albert in the late 1880s.
Albert arrived in Port Huron, Michigan before world war one, and must have been one of the first Lebanese to go to Michigan.
The rest of my family came at the end of the war, including the Adadows who settled in Lansing.
My home page .
Audi, Massad RamezPhoenix, Ar. USA.
Awdeh, Dr. Maher RamezMemphis, Tenn. USA.
Basila, ClotildeMississauga, Canada
July 2015
Born to Salim Mousa Hajji and Adiba Hasbani. Married to Farah (Fred) Basila (Basil) we have 5 children - John Basil, Janet Basil, Gary Basil, Joanne Basil and Sam Basil. .
Bassila, Robert MiguelLansing, Michigan, USA
July 2006
My father was born in Deirmimas my mother is an Adado and was born in Michigan but her parents were born in Deirmimas.
I have two brother Karam and John Bassila.
There are many names in this directory that I recognized, so salutations to all.
Bechara, Jeanette Fawzi Melbourne, Australia
June 2001
I was born in Beirut, daughter of Itaf Nakfour and Fawzi Bechara; married to Milad Hourani son of Raja Hourani and Weddad El Safadi. We have one boy called Khaled Hourani and he is 14yrs old. I work as a journalist/broadcaster as well as a Social Welfare Worker, community education and training.
Boutros, Mark Elia California, USA
March 2008
I've been told by members of the Boutros Family that my great grandfather owned large peices of land in Deir Mimas, perhaps the entire town, when he died, it was all dedicated to the church and to orphans, I'm looking for someone who can help me dig up the history on the matter, we're trying to gather our family's background history
Diab, Maher MoussaSydney, AustraliaMy mother is Kamleh Massoud Moussa. I am married to Christine Diab (Semaan). Her father is Milad Semaan. Her mother is Sarra Hanna Fawaz i.e. my wifes grand father was the priest Hanna Fawaz.We have three children: Jonatha (boy) 4 yrs old, Sarrah 1 and 1/2 yrs, and Camilla 2 months
Diab, Nicolas GhassanSao Beirut If you need anything from your relatives in town we're still in connection. I work in printing and advertising
Eid, William WilliamSao Paulo, Brazil My grandfather, Daud Eid, was born in Deir Mimas in 1892 and came to Brazil in 1914. Two of my uncles, Eid Daud Eid and Hanna Eid, also were born in Deir Mimas, and spent their early years there, they came to Brazil in 1924.
The Daud Eid family in Brazil now accounts for more than one hundred people. Iíve been in Lebanon several times in the last 15 years, and I knew my family there. They are great!
Please visit my website at
El-Haddad, Issam AbboudMontreal I'm the son of Abboud & Nahia, married to Christiane Hajjar El-Haddad
from Kaytouleh/Jezzine and we have four children Alain-Abboud, Paul, Danielle & Nathalie
El Hasbani, Wassil KhalilOttawa, Canada
April 2007
I am married to Marcelle; we have twins, a boy and a girl, Jaden and Ella .
I was born in Deirmimas and love it with all my heart, but I had to leave and come to live in Canada in 2006.
I have a Bakery in Orleans.
El-Khoury, Maya HafezKartaba, Lebanon
April 2010
My mother is from Deirmimas, I am trying to do a tree of the Hourani family.
I am wondering about the origin of blond hair and blue eyes members of the family.
Please let me know if there are any sites related to this researsh.
Fawaz, Dr. Raed Sudki. .
Ghannoum, Jinane GeorgesMontreal, Canada
March 2000
I'm married and have three children, Wissam 1995, Elias 1996 and Perla 1998, my mother is Sara Al-Jamal I have such beautiful memories! it became my favourite site!
Gray, Nancy Adadow Northville / Detroit, Michigan
October 2004
Daughter of Richard Shaker Adadow (Adado)
Haddad, Danielle IssamMontreal, Canada
April 2000
My father always talks about the good time he had in his native town. I went twice to Lebanon, but I had no chance to visit my Dad's town. I am looking forward to see it on my next trip
Haddad, Danny AzizToronto, CanadaI was born in Deirmimas in 1950, I am married, to Jacky Saab our children are Joanne, Pualine & Michael. I love my town and I hope I will visit it one day
Haddad, Georgette AzizToronto, CanadaI am married to Elias Ghosn Haddad we have 2 girls and 2 boys, Elias is involved in machinery and custom made ovens, and myself working in Ryerson Polytechnic University.
Haddad, Kamal AzizToronto, CanadaI was born in Deirmimas in 1952, I'm married, my wife is Roula and two children John & Andrew
Hasbany, Michael LouisDallas, TexasSon of Louis and Sandra Hasbany.
Bringing in a new son to the world Christmas day
Hasbany, Richard GeorgeDanbury, CT, USAMy Grandfather, Asaf George Hasbany emigrated from
Lebanon to Lansing, Michigan in about 1913. My father, George, was born in Lansing. I still have many cousins in Deirmimas, and I hope I will get a chance to meet them in person in the next year or so. Right now, I pray for the negotiations and for peace in that region.
Hasbany, William Naim BeirutI spend all my vacations at Deirmimas, I graduated in Business and Marketing at the Lebanese University. My parents live in the village, and my house is near the Orthodox Church.
My C V
Hasbany, Wilson NaimBeirutI was born and raised in Deir Mimas. I spent all my childhood there.
My parents are still live in our beautiful village. I usually go to Deir Mimas once each month.If any body needs any information about Deirmimas,please contact me. I'm now working on a web page about my home town Deirmimas, when it finishes,
I'll post it to you. Please visit our family tree
Haydar, Charles PaulLondon, England
May 2002
My grandfather Joseph Haidar was from Deir Mimas but went to Germany and then German East Africa in about 1903. My father, Paul Louis Haidar and his six other brothers and sisters were born in Dar es Salaam. He and his brothers Albert and Earnest were educated in Lebanon. They would spend their school holidays in Deir Mimas. My father went to the AUB, his studies were interrupted by the Second World War, but he graduated as a Pharmacist in 1947. He later practiced/opened a business in Tanganyika/Tanzania and was at one time the President of the Tanganyika Pharmacy and Poisons Board. I have visited Deir Mimas on two occasions, however I don't believe I have any relatives still there.
Hourani, Donna OussamaBeirut
November 2002
We have been living in Beirut for about 5 years, before that, my family and I were living in Dubai, U.A.E.
My grandparents, who have imigrated to Witchita Kansas in 1981, are Adib Hourani and Gorgette Farha.
All of the Hourani and Farha family are in Witchita right now (except for mine).
I'm 23 and I will graduate this year from LAU in interior architecture.
I visit Deirmimas every summer when my grandmother comes from the states and its beautiful.
Hourani, Mazen GhaziDeir El Qamar
December 2002
I would like to meet new friends from Deir Mimas, and all Marjeyoun Region..
I was born in 7/3/1985, I live in Deir El Kamar since 1989
Hourani, Milad RajaMelbourne, Australia
June 2001
Hourani, Rana GhassanBeirut
March 2000
Born on 1-1-1980. I love to meet people from my home town.
Hourani, Thom RamizGrand Rapids, MichiganMy father Ramiz Tamir Hourani was born in Deirmimas. I visited Deirmimas in 1992, Deirmimas and all of the Marjeyoun region has been instilled in my heart. I hope to visit again soon.
Khuri, Hilda JosephEast Lansing, Mich. USA
March 2000
Kubeisy, Makram SamiDubai, UAE
January 2009
My paternal grandmother is Farideh Fawaz
Makhoul, Salim MickelLansing, Mich. USA
March 2000
Mansour, Jilnar JohnLansing, Mich. USA.
Mansour, Kifah MansourToronto, Canada
April, 2000
Mansour, Malek IzzatPhoenix, Az. USA
Morkos, Raif SimonClermond-Fd, France
May 2000
My mother is Anjel. I am a doctor of medicine,Gynecology-Obstetrique.
Moussa, Jihad GeorgeToronto, CanadaI was born and raised in Deirmimas.My wife, Noha Haddad Moussa, and our two kids, George (5 years old) and Joseph (2 years). I love my village, and I was there in the summer of 1999 and hope to visit soon.
Moussa, Russel (Moses)Edmond , Oklahoma
March 2010
My grandfather Shaeen Haz Moussa born about 1878 in Deir Mimas, Married Fahady Massad from Jdeidet Marjeyoun about 1900.
My father Nimr Moussa was born in 1907 in Jdeidet Marjeyoun. Family left Lebanon about 1907 and moved to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma USA
Nader, Sami SalimAbu Dhabi, UAE
May 2000
Nakad, Georges KalimNabatieh
March 2000
Surgery - Nabatieh Hospital.
Nakad, Huda KalimBeirut
March 2000
AUB - Information Technology.
Nakad, Issam KalimHadath
March 2000
Nakfour, Dr. Bassem FouadFrance
December 2003
gyneco-obstetricien en France depuis 1972 mariŤ 3 enfants qui aiment le Liban et surtout Deirmimas
Nakfour, Ghassan..
Rahhal, Abraham GibranNew Port Richey, FloridaMy garndfather was Esa Rahhal, born in Nabatieh in 1892.
My Grandmother Wardy Jarawan was born in Deir Mimas I am originally from the Suburban Detroit area in Michigan. I am retired from the automobile retail business after having been in it for 38 yrs.. Please visit our family site
Rogani, Fernanda Audi Sao Paulo Brazil
March 2008
I am the great-granddaughter of Hanna Audi who left Lebanon 120 years ago .
I would like to receive photos of the town and know if there are accommodations available in the town or nearby
Safadi, Jihad KalimBeirut
Safadi, Kamel Salem Appin - Ontario, Canada
September 2013

Semaan, Sara Fawaz
Sydney, Australia
July 2006
I was born in Deirmimas and migrated to Australia in 1973. My father was the late Father John Fawaz.
Married to Milad Semaan. I am a mother of three. I have 3 grand children
Skory, Kalim

Skouri, Nada NajiBeirut
September 2001
I am working at Middle East Airlines. I am responsible of Handling Accounts of all foreign Airlines that come to Lebanon.
Skoury, Dr. Asaad MansourBeirutI am practicing Medicine at AUH. I visit my town very frequently
I would like to get in contact with my relatives in the states
Skoury, Mansour AsaadJdeida
August 2002
Stephan, Ramzi WadieMoedling, Austria
December 2000
Toomey, RogerCreighton MOMy Granparents Malhem Toomey and Karimi Abood are both from Dier Mimas. Grandpa may have changed the spelling of his name after coming to the US or the translation from Arabic may be wrong.I would like to write to anyone who can tell me anything about Dier Mimas. My Grandmother told me wonderful stories about the town.
Van Voorhees, Patrice East Lansing, Michigan
October 2014
My Grandmother and Grandfather were from Deir Mimas and emigrated separately to Lansing, Michigan around 1913/1915; they were married in 1918 in Lansing, Michigan Ė Salome Kaleel Saffady (Sloma Assiff in the U.S.) and Salim Assiff Alhaddad (Sam Assiff in the U.S.)
Wakim, Milad NimerSouth Lyon, MichiganBorn and raised in Deirmimas, I am a Mechanical Engineer working at Ford Motor Company.