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Ebel El Saqi

(Photo supplied by Kjell Arne Sunde & Joumana Haddad Sunde, Norway)

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Abdalla, Laila El-Rayes St. Laurent, PQ, Canada
April 2000
Father: Jean Naguib El-Rayes from Hasbaya.
Mother: Claire Kamel Abou Samra from Ebel El Saqi.
Husband: Adel Abdalla from Alexandria/Egypt.
Children: Roger & Nadine.
Abdo, Holly SuheilOhio
November 2004
Abdo, Saleem Fares..
Abdo, Samir Fares.I am married to Ghada Abu Samra
Abdo, Suheil Fares. My late mother was Lydia Boutros Khoury from Ebel El Saqi and we used to spend a lot of time in the area visiting granparents and other relatives .
I'm interested in the area news
Abou Samra, Ghada Fredrick.I am married to Samir Abdo
Abou Samra, Ragheda FayezDallas, Texas
September 2003
Graduated from Jdieda and moved to the states. I'm an anesthetist, married to Larry Halcomb, and have three sons, Lawrence Fayez, Alex Rabee and Andrew Ramsey.
I would love to hear from classmates and friends
Abou Samra, Tohme FayezWashington, DC. USAVP Engineering, American Red Cross
Abraham, Omar SalomonYucatan, Mexico
April 2012
My grannfather Merhes Sleiman and my grandmother Yalili Gibran Azar born in Ebel el saqui they imigrate to Mxico in 1917 with my father camel I want to know more about your country .
Angulo, Sahara Abdalla Mrida, Yucatin , Mexico
November 2003
My grandparents were Julian Abdallah and Sahda Farah, they immigrated to Mexico in 1907, and now I'm looking for any relatives. My father and my uncle were born here and never traveled to Lebanon. I'm very proud of my Lebanese heritage, and I want to know as much as possible about my family.
Please e-mail me any information. Shukran
Azar, Maria Cristina Nassim Sao Paulo, Brazil
October 2007
My grandparents Miguel Jorge (ne Azar) and Zahia Casseb were born in Ebel El Saqi.
They immigrated to the city of Ibir, Brazil, in the beginning of the 20th. century.
Bechara, Fadwa DajerYucatan, Mexico
April 2000
I was born in Mexico, but my Mom's family is
from Ebel El Saqi, my grandfather is Hanna Bshara, he owned the grocery of the town, he is married to Kemly Farhat, he wants to know something about
his family and Philippe Nahra, Samy Farhat, Camil Farhat.
I'll be thankfull if somebody e-mail me about them.
Beshara, John HalimEbel El Saqi
July 2010
I am hoping that through this web site I can meet my relatives in Brazil from the El Rassi family.
My grandfather is Youhanna Assaf Beshara El Rassi. The family name was changed to Beshara a century ago in the government records by mistake.
My grandfathers brothers and sisters traveled to Brazil many years ago; they are Jeryes, Salem, Salim, Bader and Salime; we have no contact with them and we dont know if any of them is still alive.
One of their sons visited our town Ebel Al Saqi before 2006 and he introduced himself as the grandson of Assaf El Rassi. We didnt meet him, because he was ushered to the wrong house. The daughter of his brother Nehme called Najat died in Barazil.
If you have any information please e-mail me at johnbeshara@live.com or call these numbers: 00.961.70.965700 or 00.961.3.236550.
Buttros, Wadih Jr.Rio Claro, SP. Brazil
August 2000
My grand parents Ibrahim Georges Buttros and
Kamli Saad Farah Buttros left Lebanon,
(Jdeidet Marjeyoun / Ebel el Saqui) in 1910,
and lived in Brazil from 1920 until they passed away.
I would like to receive information about the
Buttros and Farah families.
Cassis, Antonio Anderaus Prado AlvesSao Paulo, Brazil Meu av, Anderaos Cassis foi para o Brasil no comeo do sculo passado. No tenh.
Cassis, Paulo Sergio RamosBrasilia, Brazil I like to recieve information about my grandparents family ,that came from Ebel El Saqi to Brazil, in the begining of the century. They were, Miguel (brazilian name) (Inhay??- arabic name) Nassif Cassis and Zahia Dabus Cassis or Zahia Nassif.
Miguel (Inhay??) is the son of Ili Cassis and was born in 1875. Zahia was born about 1895 and have studied in American and religious school in Lebanon.
My father tells me that my grandfather Miguel was from the Dabus family too.
Faraj, Hadi Moueen Qatar
September 2006
I am now working in Qatar, hope to go back to Lebanon and live in Ebel El Saqi, my special gift from God.
Farhat, Marcos Said Brazil
December 2005
Meu Av, Said Farhat nasceu em Ebel es Saqi e 1892 e minha av Yamina Chedid naceu em Jedeidet Marjeyoun em 1905. ,
Ambos vieram para o Brasil, mas sempre nos demonstraram o amor que sempre tiveram pelo Libano e pelas cidades onde nasceram. Portanto todos os seus descendentes aqui no Brasil, sentem-se como Libaneses e aprendemos a gostar desta linda Terra.
O Libano para ns � a P�tria Mie que nos trouxe a garra de viver, a for�a para o trabalho e o amor pelos nossos Ancestrais Libaneses.
Marhaba a Todos de Ebel es Saqi e Marjeyoun, locais que hei de conhecer.
Farhat, Michel BeniRavenna, OH USA
February 2017
Few words about yourself: Akron University College of Electrical Engineering graduate.
Currently CEO of Timeware, Inc. ( www.timeware.net) located in Twinsburg Ohio
Ghazi, Alaa Hamad Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
June 2012
Never actually lived in Ebel El Saqi, but went for several visits.. I love the people and the traditional life that is still surrounding the daily life. God bless all:)
Ghobar, Tarek FakhrFlekke, Norway
May 2001
Farhat, Roger SamiAthens, Greece
January 2001
I love Lebanon, especially my amazing small beautiful village
Ghazi, Alaa Hamad Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
June 2012
Never actually lived in Ebel El Saqi, but went for several visits.. I love the people and the traditional life that is still surrounding the daily life. God bless all:)
Ghobar, Tarek FakhrFlekke, Norway
May 2001
Ghobreel, Bassam MakariosBeirut Biomedical and Electronic Engineer. Currently Employed at the Medical Centre at American University Hospital Of Beirut (A.U.B.M.C).
Expertise in Medical Equipment, Computers, and Networking.
Ghoubar, Dany MerhiSydney, Australia
March 2006
Big hi for all the people of Ebel and for all those who are living abroad wishing that one day we are all going to be back and live in our amazing village.
Haddad, Mona MariaOslo, Norway
May 2001
Haddad, Nilton SemeSantos, Brasil
July 2013
My granfathers Daud Farah and Chacker El Haddad and Father Rassi of Orthodox church of Ebel El Saqi came from Lebanon to Brazil in 1895.
Haj, Laila AnisMontreal, Canada
January 2004 <
I�m a student at Concordia University, majoring in the field of Building Engineering. Saqi is my hometown and I will always cherish all of the great memories because of its beauty and simplicity. And to my family, I�m hoping to see you in Lebanon this summer.
Haj, Nancy AnisMontreal, Canada Currently I am living in Montreal, Canada with my family and working in a software development company.I have many good memories from my trips to Ebel El Saqi. Times change as well as people change, but the one thing that remains the same is the love for our town.
May God keep everyone in the South safe.
Hajjar, Janette DaabousToronto, Canada I was born in Ibel A Saqi. My father was Youssef Ghattas Daabous of Ibel A Saqi. My mother is Souad (Eid Mahfood) El-Murr of Jdeida. We immigrated to Windsor, Ontario, Canada in 1951 with my aunt, Adele Ghattas Mahfood and her daughter, Nasima Nassib Eid Mahfood.
Hoff, Ann-Karin Abdo Trondheim, Norway
August 2002

Izar, Eliana Moussalem Florida
April 2013
My father Moussalem Elias Izar was born in Ebel El Saqi. He went to Brasil (Sao Paulo) with my grandparents Elias Moussalem Izar and Mounira Jacob Izar in 1928. His also had a sister Souad, Mounir, Habib and Salim. I would like to find some relatives because I lost all contact with my father's family.
El-Jana, Philipp Fayez Giessen, Germany
January 2002
I was born in Germany. Hope to see you soon, Lebanon!!!
Jaradi, Bassam George Ottawa, Canada
December 2001
I say hi to everybody from Eb el Saqi, And everywhere in the world. I miss my beautiful village a lot, hope to go see it soon. I miss Michhadiyi and el risaniyi. I am married to Mona Nahra and we have a beautifull baby girl called Rita.
Kassab, GeorgeLennoxville , QC. Canada Like all the students of the region of Marjeyoun, after the "certificat" I headed to the school in Jdeideh for 4 years.
It was in 1951. I still remember my friends from all families like : Tayar , Chedid, Eid , Hamra, Dr Walid among them, Rached, Horani, Akawi , Salameh, Madi, etc
I came to Canada in 1967, I have a Phd. in French ling. and I am teaching this language now.
Khaled, Hussam Ali Kuwait
February 2006
My greetings to everybody from Ebel El Saqi, and everywhere in the world.
I lived in Ebel El Saqi from 1984 to 1989 when Israel occupied the South.
I think a lot of people in Saqi remember El khaled family, we had a great time in Saqi and I like to receive information about my old friends there.
Now I live in Kuwait and I work at Alrait TV
. I love Lebanon and miss it very much
Kozal, Carmen W.USA
May 2001
Kristiansen, Lars Erik Oslo, Norway
April 2004
Iam a former UNIFIL/NORBATT-soldier who stayed in Ebel Es Saqi from September 1980 until March 1981.
My job was to drive a water truck I am very much interested to learn more about the current situation of the town and it will be very appreciated if you could assist me
Maluf, Alice RacySo Paulo, Brazil
September 2000
I am Racy from both father (Said) and mother (Azize)who came from Ebel El Saqi to settle down in So Paulo, Brazil where they got married and brought up 5 daughters (including myself) and 2 sons.
Maluf, Paulo TaufiSo Paulo, Brazil
September 2000
I was born in Brazil and my mother's family is Racy from Ebel El Saqi.
I would like to keep in touch to those who are supposed to be related to me.
Massoud, Anthony TamerConnecticut I love Lebanon and miss it very much!
Nahra, Assaad EdmondEbel El Saqi
October 2001
I was born here in this amazing village. I hope from all Ebelawiyees to come & visit our paradise .
Please e-mail me if you need to know any thing about Ebel
Nahra, Rima NabihEbel El Saqi
October 2001
I am married to Fadi Haddad we have two lovely kids Clarice and Assad, I spent my entire life in the lovely town of Ebel-El-Saqi. My dear husband is presently in Botswana. My father Nabih and mother Mary and my in-laws George and Clarice Haddad are from this beautiful town as well.
I love my village and would love to do something to make it even better.
Nielsen, ThorbjarnBergen, Norway
August 2006
I was a UN soldier in Saqi in 1996 and 1998. I hope to get in touch whith all my Lebanese friends.
Racy, Gustavo Joaquim Carlos Sao Paulo, Brazil
September 2013
I am great-grandson to Sami Yoakim Racy, who emigrated to Brazil along with some of his siblings, one of them was Azize, Alice Racy Maluf's mother.
He got married and brought up a son, Joaquim Racy Neto, (my grandfather) and Margarida.
Racy, Michel Jorge ChedidCampinas, SP - Brazil My Grandfather is Elias Racy (his parents were Gerges and Ghoria Racy, he also had a brother called John Georges Racy), he was born in Ebel El Saqi and came to Brazil in 1950 to live in state of Sao Paulo.
He had a son and two daughters with Badia Chedid Racy: Jorge Chedid Racy (my father), Solange Chedid Racy and Sandra Chedid Racy.
I have one brother, Renan Racy, and my aunt Solange has a son (Matheus) and a daughter (Carolina).
Racy, Carmen Fouad

Rassi, Marwan Ass'ad..
Rassi, Omar Fouad..
El Rassi, Ziad FouadStillwater, Oklahoma I am a Professor of Chemistry at Oklahoma State University, Stillwater, Oklahoma. I would love to have a student(s) from Marjeyoun/Hasbaya/Lebanon to study for a Ph.D. in chemistry under my guidance.
This will directly benefit my country, and consequently will be very rewarding
Saade, Samer FouadFrance
November 2003
A big hello to all my freinds and schoolmates in Marjeyoun and Hasbaya region
Sahade, Elias Jr. EliasPiraju, Sao Paulo, Brazil
March 2002
I've never been in Lebanon. It's part of a dream to know from where our family came long time ago.
My grandfather Spiridon Sahade was born in Ebel and he never stopped to tell us histories from there. This increase my wish to visit all that region.
It will be my pleasure to answer e-mails from people of Ebel el Saqi
Said, Chadi YoussefZahle, Lebanon
December 2011
I am a Civil Engineering student at L.A.U (Byblos).
Althuogh I go to Ebl El Saqi few times each year , I'd like to say that it is a marvellous town.
I hope that someday , all of its sons will return to it .
Please visit my home page
Said, Fadia SalimEbel El Saqi, Lebanon
December 2011
My Mother is Alia Toufic Saadeh.
I live in Ebel El Saqi and I am working close to my hometown
Said, Naji HabibBeirut
January 2001
I live between Ebel and Beirut and I am a Computer Engineering
student at LAU. I want to send my deepest feelings of respect and admiration to all the Ebelawiyee who are raising its name here in Lebanon and abroad.
Anyone who wants to know any information about Ebel can contact me.
I hope that one day all the Ebelawiyees will come back and help in the construction of our paradise village.
Said, Wassim YoussefZahle, Lebanon
May 2001
I'm a Computer &Communications Engineering student at AUB .
Although my residence is in Lebanon ,I don't spend a lot of time in my town Ebl AlSaqi.
I hope all of Ebl's Sons would return permanantly to it.
Takla ,Philippe Habib Racy Sao Paulo, Brazil
August 2006
My great grand father, Karan Racy, was born in Ebel. He came to Brazil in 1914. My father Habib was born in Beirut. I have been to Lebanon, but never to Ebel El Saqi. I would very much to have some pictures from Ebel, I could not find in the internet.
Tohme, Rania SaadMontreal, Canada I was born in 1976 in Abu Dhabi (UAE).
I presently live in Montreal Canada and would love to get any information about Ebel El Saqi or the South of Lebanon in general. I am married to GaroJartidian , we have a son John.
Tohme, Saad SalemMontreal, Canada
April 2000

Tohme, Walid SaadMontreal, Canada I can speak and write Arabic,French and English.
I like volleyball, football, skiing and soccer.
I love Lebanon