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A'bd Al-Hi, Muna Yossif Majdal Shams, Golan Hights
August 2004
I was married in Majdal Shams a long time ago but I am not able to contact my family in Lebanon.
I would like to talk to any one who can help me
Abdalla, Laila El-RayesSt. Laurent, PQ, Canada
April 2000
Father: Jean Naguib El-Rayes from Hasbaya.
Mother: Claire Kamel Abou Samra from Ebel El Saqi.
Husband: Adel Abdalla from Alexandria, Egypt.
Children: Roger & Nadine
Abi Jabbour,Toufic Habib Sao Paulo, Brazil
May 2002

Abo Dehn, Ali AliBeirut
May 2005
I like to get in touch with all my friends.
Please visit my site
Aboudehen, Karam SaidNew Orleans US
July 2004
Studying for my MS in Molecular Genetics
Abou Dehn, Nizar AtefBeirut
November 2000
I am a Biology student at the American University of Beirut and I'd be very glad if someone who is from Hasbaya, living abroad and wants to email me.
Please visit AUB site
Abou Dehn, Rami Shakib Saudi Arabia
November 2003
I was a student at Marjeyoun National College and would like to contact my old friends .
Abou Dehn, WalidSydney, Australia I am a Neuroskeletal practitioner, and I practice this new technique in my clinic. This is the latest medical treatment for back pain, I am one of 75 pratitioners world wide.
I would like to hear from any one from our region and
my friends inLebanese Rred Cross.
Please visit our Clinic Site
Abou Dohn, Yuseft Kanj FayezCuiaba, Brazil
My father was born in Hasbaya, he came to Brazil over 50 years ago and never went back, he left behind a sister and a brother, Mona and Fares Abou Dehn, they never contacted each other, if somebody have any information about my relatives please contact me.
O meu pai nasceu em Hasbaya e ha mais de 50 anos veio para o Brasil e nunca mais voltou para Hasbaya, deixou uma irm� e um irmï', Mona e Fares Abou Dehn, eles nunca mais se comunicaram, se algu�m tiver alguma informaïto sobre os meus tios entre em contato.
Abou Ghaida, Faridy Ali Hussein Spain
October 2004
Mi vivo en Espa�a, pero he perdido contacto conla familia de mi padre, pues el murio hace 7 a�os. Mi padre se llamaba Ali Hussein, y deseo contactar con alguien de mi famia en esta ciudad. .
Abou Ghaida, Ramzi Nigeria
May 2004
I am the purchasing manager of Mikano international , we deal in generators.
Abou Ghaida, Shady MoufidPort Harcourt, Nigeria
May 2004

Abou Ghaida, Wassim FaresKampala, UgandaI was a student at Marjeyoun National School from 1980-1992.
I would like to hear from my Classmates and teachers.
Abou Hamad, KamelDoha, Qatar
March 2010
I lived in Kuwait from 1962 up to 1996 and now in Doha Qatar . I MISS Hasbaya.
Abourashed, Libnan Peter GeorgeKansas City , Missouri
October 2002
I was born in Canada but speak Lebanese and French all my life .
I am RF Engineer working for a large CDMA Cellphone company .
I am here alone want to meet more people from my homeland which is always in my heart and mind !
Long Live Lebanon ! If you wish to contact me please send me an e-mail and I look forward to speaking to each and every one of you !
Take care and peace to you all ! Ciao and Ahlan wou Sahalan Feik !
Abu Saleh, Essa KassimKuwait
January 2004
Please visit my Home Page
Assie, Khalil Mounief Beirut
Atik, Wahib Jr. WahibJundiai, Sao Paulo, Brazil
January 2016
My grandfather Calil Atik, was born in 1899, came from Hasbaya.
Bardawil, Bechara MansourBeirut
February 2000
I was born in 1970, AUB graduate, 92 and 98 and I am a Banker
El Bardawil, Labib MikaelUSA
August 2002
Married to Nina, we have two sons, Walid and Badre
Batlouni, Pedro Gabriel Sao Carlos SP, Brasil
December 2009
My profile on Orkut
Cahali , Nelson Jose Sao Paulo, Brazil
June 2009
My Grandfather SAID NEME CAHALI, his brother KEMEL CAHALI (brothers of Abdallah Mansour KAHALLEY), and my Grandmother FADA CAHALI, were born in Hasbaya.
My father is YUSSEF SAID CAHALI, and I have some cousins here called KAHALE.
My Home Page www.cahali.com.br
Carriel, Vanessa TrevizanPiracicaba, Sao Paulo, Brazil
June 2015
My grandfather was born in Hasbaya or Marjeyoun.
His name was Elias Rahhal and came to Brazil in 1909.
Here he got married to Laurinda Mattar Burihan.
My mother and I are going to Lebanon in September and we would like to meet the family of our ancestors.
Carui, Farid Jorge Penapolis, Sao Paulo, Brazil
September 2005
Presently living on a small farm. I am 76 years old, married, 3 sons and 1 grandson.
Chamlati, Samir FouadBeirut
Chammas, Valter Antonio FuadSao Paulo, Brazil
June 2009
I love being Lebanese
Charrouf, Rwida CharifMelbourne, Australia
April 2004
Currently living in Australia, plans to move to HASBAYA in the near future.
Cury, Raja EliasPiracicaba, Brazil
December, 2003
My family is originally Khouri
Dabaghi, Omar MonahBeirut
Eid, Jose Fayez Sao Paulo - Brazil
July 2006
I am an orthopedic surgeon, my father was born in Hasbaya and came to Brazil in 1948. My granparents are Shaker and Naime Eid. Unfortunately we were not able to come back to Lebanon.
I like to get in contact with relatives from Hasbaya or any other place in the world.
Esper, Salim JosephBaku, Azerbaijan
November 2005

Al Gafeer, Ziad HichamKuwait
May 2004
I'm 15 and studying in Kuwait
Ghaida, AnwarBeirut
May 2004
I am interested in having more friends, so if you are too, please don't be shy to contact me
Ghobril, Pierre IbrahimMontreal, Canada
May 2000

Ghobril, Ramzy Nouhad Riyadh, KSA
February 2004

Habib, Rachid IbrahimOttawa, Canada
Habib, Assad Khalil Ottawa, Canada
September 2005

Haddad, Antoine HassanOttawa, Canada
February 2006
I left Lebanon a while back. I love my village Hasbaya.
Haddad, Fouad SaidCharlottetown, PEI, Canada
Hamra, Moon NassorTulsa, Oklahoma, U.S.A.
April 2000
My husband Joseph Haleem Hamra's Mother and Father were born in Marjeyoun, and they migrated to U.S. as teens.
My Mother and Father, Naseeb Nassor and Mary Attas are from Hasbaya.
We have visited Lebanon twice, and congratulate you on your beautiful country, and pray for peace in the country of our parents.
God Bless
Al Hamra, Samer Fares Kuwait
Hyland, Michael E. USA
February 2001
Great-Grandfather, Abdallah Mansour Kahalley from Hasbayya, Great-Grandmother, Zakia Zoghby from Beirut.
I'm interested in making contact with members of the Kahalley, Sudeiha, Kalifeh, Nassar, & Rayes families from Hasbaya.
I am currently trying to do some research on my family, but haven't had much success with this particular branch of
the family.
Any help is appreciated.
Izziddine, Camila Zuher São Paulo, Brazil
November 2016

Karut, Angela Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
June 2005
Quero encontrar minha familia em Hasbaya. Familia Karut
Kawash, Marie Shafeek Tinton Falls, USA
November 2003
Trying to locate my heritage. Father born in Hasbaya. My mother is Haseeby Nassor, and her mother was born in Hasbaya.
Kays, Talal Said Edmonton, Canada
August 2004
I graduated from AUB as a civil engineer in 1994. Since then, I moved to Canada and finished my Masters in Construction Engineering and Management at the University of Alberta in 1996.
Currently, I live in Edmonton / Alberta and am involved in the construction and development of the oil Sands industry in the northern region of the province.
Kheireddine, Chaouki MohamadOrlando, Florida I was born in Hasbaya (1966).
Attended Marjeyoun National School from 1982-1984.
Please feel free to write me, I would love to hear from you.
Mattar, André GarciaSao Paulo, Brazil
March 2009
My father: Mário Eduardo Garcia. My grandfather: João Augusto Mattar.
2nd grandfather: Kalil Bussada Mattar, Maria Mattar, Antônio Mussi (Masa Mussi Ainetti), Elmoza Mattar Mussi
3rd grandfather: Mau Inta , T Curi, Aburi Mattar, Marta Jabur, were from Hasbaya.
I'm Looking for information. Please, contact me.
Mattar, Alvaro ChaukiSao Paulo, Brazil
July 2005
I am 66 years old, business administration, married. Born in Sao Paulo Brazil.
Mattar Jr., Dr. Rames RamesSao Paulo, Brazil
November 2005
My grandfather is Jorge Assad Mattar and my father is Rames Mattar.
I was born in Sao Paulo and my dream is to visit Hasbaya to see the place where my father was born.
I am a hand surgeon working at the University of Sao Paulo.
Mitri, Toufic AssaadUAE
Nader, George Yousef California
November 2006
My mother is Eugine Rayess Nader
Raad, Shady FaresMaracaibo, Venezuela
June 2003
I am 30 years old , born in Hasbaya .
I love to contact my home town people and all Lebanese .
El Rayes, Laila JeanMontreal, CanadaI am married to Adel Abdalla.
My mother is Claire Kamel Abou Samra from Ebl El Saqi.
El Rayes, Soheir JeanMontreal, CanadaMy mother is Claire Kamel Abou Samra from Ebl El Saqi.
I have two sisters, Magda and Laila.
Saade, Abdou Mohamad Salmiya, Kuwait
January 2002
I was born and raised in Kuwait, I hold a bachelor degree in Business Administration and Accounting from Bierut Arab University .
My mother's family is Al-Ghafir they are from hasbaya also .
Please visit My Website
Sabek, Basam IbrahimMaracaibo, Venezuela
October 2005

Sabek, Dalal SaidSan Cristobal, Venezuela24 years old, married, have a baby boy, studied at Saint Coeurs of Marjeyoun until I finished high school
Sabek, Nader BassamKuwait
June 2004
Born in Kuwait on 11/11/1989. I studied from L.KG to 5th grade in LMC school in Hasbaya at presently I am with my parents in Kuwait and studying for IGCSE in the 9th Grade. My favourite subjects are Biology and computer. I love Hasbaya very much, my native town and all my friends please feel free to write me .
Sabek, Ziad Ibrahim Hasbaya
January 2008
I was born in Venezuela 6/10/1962, completed my studies as accountant, and came back to Lebanon definitively in 1988.
I am married and have 3 children. Currently I work as Language Assistant with UNIFIL Spanish contingent.
Saliba, Joseph Jean Dbaye, Lebanon
July 2008
Our family origiates from Ayta Al Fokhar, I was born in Hasbaya in 1990 where my parents lived for over twenty five years when my late father was in the Internal Security (Al Darak). I attended Ecole des Saint Coeur in Marjeyoun
Sayegh, Rabih NabihAley, Lebanon
February 2006
I lived in Hasbaya for 13 years I have lots of friends there and registered members in this directory who I would like to hear from .
I am known as Rabih Halabi and family is still living in Hasbaya
Sharrouf, Abeer KamelBeirut
July 2006
Psychologist & Architect. My goal in life is to be near of Ideal. My message is pleasure of people. My hobbies: Music, Poetry, & Design.
Syagha, Amer KamalBeirut
August 2004
I was a student at Marjeyo'un National College from 1988-1991.
I hold a BS in Computer Science from Lebanese American University (LAU, 1996).
Currently, I am working at UNDP/OMSAR as an ICT Project Manager.
Al Tawil, Ghasssan Joseph Beirut
March 2004

Wazir, Amal YoussefCanberra, Australia
November 2001
I was born and raised in Australia and have returned to Lebanon 4 times.
I have 3 brothers - an IT consultant (Khaled), Civil Engineer (Mohammed) and a Mechanical Engineer (Walid) and a sister who is studying Accounting (Zaynab) - and of course a mum and dad!
I studied Psychology/Health at University and am currently working with an Australian government organisation.
Would love to hear from anyone in/from Hasbaya!
Wazir, Jamil HamedBeirut
November 2002
I am a student at CIS college ;major: bus.comp ;(TS3)last year.
Wazir, Wissam FandiKuwait
June 2007
I was born in 1974 in Beirut, working as a financial manager for KGL Group , single , I have 3 brothers & 2 sisters
Wazir, Ziad FarisAl Ain, UAE
March 2004
I was born in Hasbaya, studied and worked in Saida until 1979 then moved to Al Ain, United Arab Emirates and still there. I am a Lithotripsy Specialist and working as Technical Supervisor in a university hospital (www.tawam-hosp.gov.ae). Married with 2 children
Wiley, Miryam Lucia Wellesley, MA, USA My grandfather migrated from Lebanon to Brazil in the early 1900s.
We have always known
him to be Joao Mansur, but someone has said his last name was Bechelani and he changed it at the port to make it easier for Brazilians to understand.
His brother Abdo also migrated to meet him and later came Mane, a cousin who married Abdo.
I have always wanted to know more about the family back there. Did he really change his name?
Did many people from Hasbaya
leave for Brazil?
Is there any documentation of the people who migrated early in the century?
I am a journalist living in the US. I married an American and I write a column named "In America" where I tell stories of immigrants around here.
Thank you.
Yassin, Rafik Yousuf Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
August 2004

Yazbek, Miguel Burihan Sao Paulo, Brasil
June 2009
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Zuhaid, Zenayde Ali Sao Paulo, Brasil
February 2007
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