(Photo supplied by Kjell Arne Sunde & Joumana Haddad Sunde, Norway)

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Abou Naccoul, Chucri Samih Champville, Maten
June 2004
I am married to Nahida, we have one daughter Theresa.
We visit Kawkaba almost every weekend. Salamat
Abou Naccoul, Elie Saleem Saudi Arabia
May 2005
I’m 44 years old working around the Arab & African world in the telecom business, GSM Networking…I would like to live in Lebanon & especially in Kawkaba.
Abou Nakoul, Bechara Chucri Saudi Arabia
May 2005
Married to Mona Assaf, we have three children, Rowaida, Elias and Rawad.
I hope to go back and live in Lebanon and to be in contact with all my home town people.
Abou Nakoul, Maroun Halim Montreal
December 2007
I have been living in Canada for 20 years, I love Lebanon, I visit once every couple years, I am married and I have 3 beautiful kids.
Abourashed, Libnan Peter George Kansas City , Missouri
October 2002
I was born in Canada but speak Lebanese and French all my life .
I am RF Engineer working for a large CDMA Cellphone company .
I am here alone want to meet more people from my homeland which is always in my heart and mind !
Long Live Lebanon ! If you wish to contact me please send me an
e-mail and I look forward to speaking to each and every one of you !
Take care and peace to you all ! Ciao and Ahlan wou Sahalan Feik !
El Kalaani, Nabih, FaresAmsterdam, The Netherlands
July 2000
bhibak ya Wadi el Taim..
bhibak ya Marj Marjeyoun..
bhibik ya ardi kilha..
beehibik ana maftoun..
bhib day3ti w mtalha..
bhibak ya Shkif Arnoun..
bil emda'wa tawki3 bhibha wib jilha
( sha3ir Jabal el Sheikh w Marj Marji3youn)
Khoury, Dr. Hanane AyoubMontreal
October 2004
PhD Biochemistry, McGill University. Medical research on breast cancer.
Eldest daughter of the late lawyer Ayoub Khoury, founder of Kawkaba's socio-cultural club, and grand-daughter of the late Reverend Chukrallah who is buried in St-Elias church in our hometown Kawkaba.
Married to Dory El-Agha. We have one son, Emmanuel.
Nasr, Fadi EdmondAmchit, Jbeil
February 2010
I am married to Zeina Rahme. We have a son, Edmond and two beautiful daughters, Michele and Maria.
We visit Kawkaba in the summer and on social occasions.
Nasr, Karam GhantousBeirut
June 2002
I am a current student at Lebanese American University of Beirut studying Banking and Finance.
Obeid, Antoine Montreal, Canada Married to Rola Jean Mondalek from Marjeyoun,we have two girls,CHANTAL 1995 and CHRISTEL 1997.
We are working at Radio www.crmo.ca (Radio Moyen Orient) in Montreal , Canada.
All are invited to listen to us, specially every Friday from 8 pm to 10 pm eastern time at the address above.
Obeid, Paul Nouhad Largo, Florida
February 2006

Rouhana, Mattheus Henrique Rogana Campo Belo, Brazil
April 2015
My great-grandfather Assaad Khalil Rouhana, was born in Kawkaba on March 25, 1886, his parents were Marie Bully Rouhana and Khalil Rouhana; sisters Watfa Rouhana, Mohiba Rouhana and Tamam Rouhana
Saad, Elia RaficMansourieh, Lebanon
June 2007
I am married , we have one daughter Elissa's Girl We love my village Kawkaba , and we visit every week end
Sørbø, Mireille RizkOslo, Norway
April 2003
Hi everyone! I would love to meet people from my homeland.
If you wish to contact me, please send me an e-mail and I'll be happy to answer.
Take care, allah yihmikom. .