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Kfeirian Reunion

A E, Nisrin London, England Living in London, but I'll get back to El-Kfeir, too simply because I love it..it's a beautiful place
Abou El Ezz, Louey Imad Brasilia, Brazil
May 2009
I like to learn more about Lebanon, my parents country and their home town Kfeir.
A big hug to all my family and friends.
Abou El Ezz, Khaldoun Assaad Kfeir
January 2005
I am a student at LIU university in my second year, majoring MIS. I live in Kfeir. I really want to meet and know more Kfeirian people because most of them are abroad, and I am interested in this site which gives us the opportunity to enforce our relations as Lebanese and Kfeirian.
Abou Jamra, Elie Souheil Sharjah, UAE
May 2002
I am a student in Al Mawakeb School in Dubai-Garhoud, I was born here in UAE and I am 16 years old.
I love Lebanon and my village a lot, and inspite of all the conflicts that we are facing with the politics in Lebanon, we still travel annually to meet our relatives and friends which is really amazing.
I wish that we, the immigrants, will settle down in our country some day to live in peace with each other, one heart, one hand and face all the problems with a braveous faith in GOD and in the independency and freedom of our country... LEBANON
Abou Jamra, Fadi IssamBeirut
June 2001
Abou Jamra, Dr. Rami RamezBonn, Germany
March 2004
I was born in Damascus 1977, where my family is settled. My father and uncles built a small house in Kfeir, right beside the one of George el Khouri, I do not go there often , but I will this November once again. After I finished my medical studies, I went to Germany to do research on human genetics. I hope to be introduced to other people from Kfeir through this site, since I find it really interesting to know what all of you are doing in the whole world. If anyone ever visit Germany, I will be delighted to meet you.
Abou-Rahal, Elias AssaadOttawa, Canada
August 2000
I was born in Ashrafieh, Beirut in 1978.
I moved to Canada with my family in 1990. I own a pizza restaurant in Ottawa, I'm going back to college part-time in the fall to continue my studies.
Abou-Rahal, Nathalie Assaad Ottawa, Canada
June 2007
I was born in Lebanon in 1984 and moved to Canada in 1989
Abou Rahal, Rabih NehmeLebanon
November 2006

Abourashed, Libnan Peter GeorgeKansas City , Missouri
October 2002
I was born in Canada but speak Lebanese and French all my life .
I am RF Engineer working for a large CDMA Cellphone company .
I am here alone want to meet more people from my homeland which is always in my heart and mind !
Long Live Lebanon ! If you wish to contact me please send me an
e-mail and I look forward to speaking to each and every one of you !
Take care and peace to you all ! Ciao and Ahlan wou Sahalan Feik ! .
Abou Rizk , Georges Fawaz Beirut
September 2005
Few words about yourself: I was born in Beirut. I visit Kfeir every single week so I can see my family that I miss so much .
I like my lovely town very much, its so quite so I go to rest and relax with the nice nature.
I like to stay in contact with Kfeirians, please add me on my MSN. .
Abou Rizk , Selim Fawaz Khartoum, Sudan
October 2005
General Manager of Pro-Concept Co. Ltd
I miss Lebanon.
Abou Saab, Dory Sabeh Beirut
September 2006
I work for the Chamber of Commerce in Beirut as a computer Analyst
Abou Saab, Elie Sabeh Beirut
September 2001
I'm the son of Sabeh & Josephine and I have two brothers Dory and Fady.
I have my own web & multimedia design company www.creapix.info Phone number 03-948600
Al Halabi, Moatassem Mhanna Qatar
September 2001
I live in Qatar for almost 3 years now, and I work for "Al Khaliji Bank", I'm 24 years old and some day I will go back to Lebanon and live there surrounded by beloved ones…
Awwad, Sadek Nour Beirut
October 2002
I am a university student , I love Kfeir , I like to talk to every Kfeirian , because our town needs all her sons and daughters
Bassett, Georgina George Ottawa, Canada
July 2002
I live and work in Canada but my heart will always belong to Lebanon! I'm looking for info on my ancestors and welcome all emails from friends I know and friends I have yet to meet. :)
My home page
Bassett, Ghattas Elichaa Kab-Elias, Lebanon
February 2007
I wish to know more about my family....
Bassit, Amer Nasib Damascus, Syria
March 2010

Dimachki, Adnan Nagib Paragominas, Brazil
March 2007
Chamo-me Adnan Dimachki, sou advogado resido em Paragominas, Brasil, sou filho de Nagib Mohamad Dimachki, da familia Dimachki, de Kfeir, Libano.
El Ghoz, Carlos AadAntelias, Lebanon
August 2002
Born in Beirut 1976. I work at Teletrade Computer Systems.
I am studying for my BS in Computer Business.
Phone number 03-709165
El Ghoz, Sami AadAntelias, Lebanon
September 2002
I was born in Beirut in 1964
El-Khoury, Nassim ChaficBeirut
February 2000
I am a the Dean of the Faculty of Communication at the Lebanese University. I have published 13 books and am currently preparing my second Ph.D.
I am married to Mae Gebran and have two beautiful daughters Dahlia and Raya.
Please feel free to contact me at these numbers:
(03)266-994.... (01)686660....Fax (01)686661
El Marji, Carol IbrahimBeirut
July 2006
I was born in UAE and went back to Lebanon to study in LAU. I love lebanon and especially my village kfeir which is a quite and nice place.
Ghantous, Ghassan NicholaCincinnati, Ohio
Ghantous, Salam NicholaCincinnati, Ohio
Hamdan, Sadek Walid Kfeir
January 2005
I am a student at LIU university, majoring MIS. I live in Kfeir. I love this village. I am looking forward for meeting new Kfeirian people. Kfeir is a beautiful place, so don't hesitate to come and visit at least once a year.
Kahil, Jihad Youssef Egypt & LebanonI am an Architect specialised in Restoration from ICCROM, 1976. Now working in Project Management Construction in Egypt .
Married to Alida El Khoury Salem, we have three married children: Sami, Civil Engineer - Cynthia, Doctor - Elsa, Interior Designer..
Khoury, Richard MoufeedToronto, Canada
February 2000
Please visit my home page
Khoury, Claire MoufeedBeirutI am a Lebanese-Canadian living in Lebanon.
I graduated from AUB and am currently working as a nutritionist.
I also run the Canadian English Center in Jounieh, Lebanon.
Khoury, Richard MoufeedToronto, Canada
February 2000
Please visit my home page
Khuri, Basem SamirHouston, USA
January 2001
I was born in Beirut. My great great grandfather Yacoub Yacoub El-Khuri was born in Kfeir in the 1800s.
I have been in Texas for the past 20 years.
Lawen , Diane George Halifax,
Nova Scotia, Canada
October 2003
I am a student at Dalhousie University and currently in my last year of Computer Science. I am originally from El-Kfeir but was born in Canada. I love Lebanon and I go almost every summer. My dad is currently building a house for our family in the Kfeir so that we have a place to stay during our summer vacation. This was the first year my sister and I attended the Kfeirian Reunion in Miami,Florida. We met lots of distant relatives and had a great time!! Thanx for everything guys!!
Hope to hear from some of my fellow kfeirians!!
Lawen , John George Halifax,
Nova Scotia, Canada
July 2001
I am from El-Kfeir, the best village in Lebanon. My father, George Lawen is the son of Toufic Lawen, (Abi-Nasr). They have been in Canada for 41 short years. I frequently travel to Kfeir and just got married to my beautiful wife Rosine, who is now a Kfeiree. I have a beautiful daughter Rachelle. Love to hear from you.
Please visit our site
Michael, Diann Dee EsberPlantation, Florida
March 2000
I am active on the Board of Directors of the Kfeirian Reunion Foundation and am Editor fo the Newsletter.
Email me if you would like to be on our mailing list.
My father was Esber Hanna Michael of Kfeir, and my mother was Asma Assad Radwan of Damascus.
Please check out our geneaology page from the links on my home page,
or at the top of this directory
Naufal, Alaa FadiBeirut
November 2004
I like my village so much, and I am happy that I have found a relation that can connect me to other Kefeirien.
The Kfeir is love, love is a wish, and who does have a wish does have life.
Kfeir needs you, come back...
Rahall, Charles AssaadOttawa, Canada
August 2000
I was born in Beirut in 1974. I moved to Canada in 1990.
I am married to Marta Hajduk from Przemysl, Poland.
We have one son, Daniel.
Anyone from Kfeir, write us please.
Sakr, Makram KamalChweifat, Lebanon
June 2004
I was born in Beirut, I visit Kfeir every week, it's a very nice place to live in, , , I like to communicate with more Kfeirian .
Tawil, Nada Moussa Beirut
November 2003
My mother is Widad El Khoury . I rarely go to Kfeir but I do like to visit the mountains. I have B.A. degree in finance and work at a shipping co. as a senior shipping accountant... I like to meet new people from my country and nearby villages..
Thabet, Lori David George Northern Virginia, USA
July 2006
My family is from Kfeir Lebanon. We are a very proud family and keep our families known and close. Our family is generation after generation from Kfeir and continue to teach traditions and ways of Kfeir
Thabit, Alia WalterWest Burke, Vermont, USA
March 2004
I live in Vermont and teach writing at a local college. My grandmother, Shukria Swyden (Swaidan), came from Jdeidet Marjeyoun to the USA. She married my grandfather, Abdullah (Albert) Thabit, from Kfeir. I want to vist Lebanon to walk the streets my grandparents walked.
Wakim, Issa MoussaOttawa, Canada
August 2005
I was born in Kfeir in 1958.. I moved to Canada, with my family in 2004
Zakem, Frank HabibPrince Edward Island, Canada
December 2006
Just finished writing 5 generation family history, called The ZAKEM-MARJI STORY with lots of pictures.
103 pages. $20.00 each if you are interested