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Florence Hadba
Passed away in Jdeida on Thursday March 22, 2012.
Beloved wife of the late Ghassan Najib Musallam.
Beloved daughter of the late Yousef Hadba and Maryam Mussallam Hadba.
Dear sister of Oussama (Mariam), the lates Fouad, Emile, Georgette and Gladys (Mrs. Late Dr. Michel Gebara).
Loving aunt of Marwan/Peter Gebara, Maha (Mrs. John Lamb), Khalid/Paul (Florence) Gebara, Mayya and Yousef Hadba

Fouad Hadba
Passed away In Jdeida Saturday November 19, 2011.
Beloved son of the late Yousef Hadba and Maryam Musallam Hadba.
Dear brother of Oussama (Mariam), Florence (Late Ghassan Musallam), and the late Georgette,
Gladys (Late Dr. Michel Gebara) and Emile.
Loving uncle of Khaled (Paul) Gebara, Maha (John Lamb) Marwan (Peter) Gebara, Maya Hadba and Yousef Hadba
Funeral service will be held in the Evangelical Church in Jdeida on Sunday November 20, 2011 at 12:00 noon.
The family will accept condolences after the funeral and on Monday from 10:00am to 5:00pm in the church hall.

Gladys Yossef Hadba
In London Thursday March 8, 2007.
Wife of the late Dr. Michel Gebara.
Mother of Khaled (Paul), Maha (Mrs. John Lamb) and Marwan (Peter).
Sister of Fouad, Florence , Oussama and the late Georgette and late Emile.
Stepmother of Walid and Mona (Mrs. Andy Johnson)

Farid Abed Haddad
Passed away in Jdeida on Wednesday August 12, 2015.
Beloved son of the late Abed Merhi Haddad and Pauline Razzouk Haddad.
Loving husband of Mona Ibrahim
Caring father of Paula (Shakeeb Firzli), Carla (Elie Nousair), Dr. Nadine and Fadi (Cathy Fayfi).
Dear brother of Nadera, Nouhad, Rabeha and the late Fouad

Fayad Halim Haddad
Passed away in Ottawa June 22, 2011.
Husband of Raeife Mahfouz Haddad.
Father of Halim, Chadi and Nisrine.
Brother of John, Sonia (Mrs. late Souheil Hamra), Salima (Mrs. Late Fouad Haddad) and Vera (Mrs. Najib Wehbe)

Hiyam Abdallah Haddad
Passed away in Jdeida on Sunday, July 24, 2016.
Beloved wife of the late Labib Najib Swaidan.
Loving mother Shakib, Najib, Laurice Abla (Ziad) and Michel.

Josephine Chedid Haddad
Passed away in Beirut on Thursday September 12, 2013.
Beloved wife of the late Shawqi Haddad.
Loving mother of Fakhr and Mouin.
Dear Sister of Gebran Chedid and the late Joseph Chedid

Mary Haddad
Passed away in Jdeida October 30, 2011.
Wife of the late Philipe Haddad.
Mother of Eid, Latifa and Sonia.

Dr. Moufid Shafic Haddad
Retired Major

Passed away in Beirut August 12, 2011.
Husband of Hugette Jarjoura Abou Rjeily.
Father of Samer, Samar (Mrs. Ramzi Shweiri) and Amer.
Brother of the late Saied and Fouad

Pauline Razzouk Haddad
In Beirut November 25, 2007.
Widow of the late Abed Merhi Haddad.
Mother of Nouhad, Farid, Nadera , Rabeha and the late Fouad.
Sister of Mounifa Razzouk

Amale El-Hage
Passed away in Montreal on Saturday March 1, 2014.
Beloved wife of the late Eid Halim Smiley.
Dear sister of Michael El-Hage, Bassem El-Hage, Jamal, Chadi El-Hage and Hala El-Hage

Edward Boutros El Hajj
In Kuwait Friday January 4, 2008.
Brother of George, Adnan, Leila (Mrs. George Gedoun)
and Elham (Mrs. George Lahoud)

Talal Adel Halabi
Passed away in Beirut on Wednesday June 6, 2012
Beloved son of the late General Adel Amine Halabi and Nellie Habib Abou Samra.
Beloved husband of Samia Boulos.
Devoted father of Dale, Reem, and Dana Halabi.
Dear brother of Ghada and Amal Halabi

Fayez Mansour Hamam
Passed away in Jdeida on Tuesday April 16, 2013.
Beloved husband of Mary Saleem Yaqoub.
Loving father of Major Nizam, Fadi, Samer and Dima (Mrs. Elias Massaad).
Dear brother of Youssef, Leila (Mrs. Milad Akar), Bushra (Mrs. Jamal Majdalani) and Nadia (Mrs. Samir Razzouk)

Yousef Mansour Hamam
Passed away in Beirut on Monday November 3, 2014.
Beloved husband of Seham Salameh Bayoud.
Loving father of Mansour, Dr. Sami, Hala Bahouth (Sleiman) and Roula Nims (Rafic).
Dear brother of Leila (Mrs. Milad Akar), Bushra (Mrs. Jamal Majdalani) and Nadia (Mrs. Samir Razzouk) and the late Fayez

Adeline Homra Hamra
Passed away in Dallas January 2, 2011.
Wife of the late T.A. Phillip Hamra.
Daughter of the late Esbir and Adeeba Homra
Loving mother of Sameera (Mrs. Dr. John Murad) and Dr. Sam (Sonia Hamra)
Dear grandmother of Randall Massad and his wife Julie, David Massad and his fianc� Lanna Almand,
Samia Smith and her husband Chris, Andee Massad English, Andrew Hamra, Taylor Hamra
and the late Stephen Lang Massad

Carmen Hamra
In Jdeida August 25, 2008 .
Daughter of Labib Hamra & Josephine Abou Ayoub.
Sister of Makram and Salam.

"I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die." (John 11:25)

Chehadeh Abdallah Hamra
Passed away in New York on Friday, January 19, 2018.
Beloved husband of Laurice Khoury.
Loving father of Dr. Maryanne and Mona (Yani Costales).
Dear brother of Laur (late Adib Samara), Lily (late Fouad Abou Rihan)and the late Souad.

Diana Shafic Hamra
Passed away in Beirut on Thursday, March 23, 2017.
Dear sister of Afeef, the late Jamil, Afaf, Jamal and Souad

Edward Hamra Sr.
Passed away in Lawton, Oklahoma September 25, 2010.
Husband of Lenore.
Father of Eddie and Sherry of Lawton; Judy and Mark Bodenhamer of Edmond;
Robert and Teri of Norman and Lynda and Mark Ramming of Lawton.
Grandfather of Nikole and Keegan Wright, Lauren Bodenhamer,
Rebecca Bodenhamer and Michelle Shebester.
Brother of the late Mabel Hodge and Florine Bayouth

Fayez Saad Hamra
In Beirut May 30, 2007.
Son of Mary Azouri.
Father of Henry.
Brother of Maha (Mrs. Fawzi Najem), Bassema (Mrs. Ramzi Koteili),
Dola (Mrs. George Raffoul), Haifa (Mrs. George Hamadeh) and the late Antoine

Jamil Shafic Hamra
Passed away in Beirut October 13, 2011.
Husband of Christine.
Father of Fredrick and Christopher.
Brother of Afeef, Diana and the late Afaf, Jamal and Souad

Joseph Mekhael Hamra
Passed away in Beirut October 6, 2010.
Husband of Nouha Qaisar Gholmieh.
Father of Ramzi, Badri, Atouf and Rima.
Brother of Sami, late Adel, late Samir, late George,
late Yvonne (Mrs. late George Gholmieh), late Audette (Mrs. George Saade),
late Samira (Mrs. Doey Khoury) and late Olivia

Mary Azouri Hamra
In Beirut June 30, 2007.
Widow of the late Saad Hamra.
Mother of Maha (Mrs. Fawzi Najem), Bassema (Mrs. Ramzi Koteili),
Dola (Mrs. George Raffoul), Haifa (Mrs. George Hamadeh)
and the late Fayez and Antoine

Michel Haseeb Hamra
In Beirut January 25, 2008
Brother of Jawdat, the late Hanna, Souheil,
Kameel, Gladys and Hneina

Nellie Hamra
In Sapulpa, Oklahoma March 24, 2008.
Daughter of the late M.N. & Sadia Hamra.
Sister of the late Johnny Hamra, Nick Hamra, Dr. Henry Hamra,
Dr. Bill Hamra, Blanche Hamra, Adele Nafieh, & Elizabeth Cohlmia.
Aunt of Joe Naifeh & wife Sandra, Covington, Tennessee;
Jimmy Naifeh, Covington, Tennessee; Nicky Hamra, Mike Hamra, Texas;
Dr. Mark Hamra, Tulsa, Oklahoma; and Dr. Paul Hamra, Paris, Texas

Olivia Mekhael Hamra
In Beirut February 23, 2009.
Sister of Joseph, Sami, Samira (Mrs. Doey Khory), the late Adel,
Georges, Samir, Yvonne (Mrs. Georges Gholmieh) and Audette (Mrs. Georges Saade)

Samira Mekhael Hamra
In Brazil April 22, 2009.
Widow of the late Doey Khory.
Sister of Joseph, Sami, the late Adel,
Georges, Samir, Yvonne (Mrs. Georges Gholmieh), Audette (Mrs. Georges Saade) and Olivia

Yvonne Soueidan Hamra
Passed away in Jdeida on Sunday July 5, 2015.
Beloved wife of the late Chakeeb Hamra.
Loving mother of Fouad (Lucy), Najib (Leila), Simon (Taghrid) and Nouhad (Makram Salameh).

Edna Helen (Aboussie) Hamrah
Passed away in Albuquerque, NM December 6, 2009.
Daughter of the late Chafia and Yusef Aboussie.
Wife of the late Salim Hamrah.
Mother of Peter Hamrah of Albuquerque.
Grandmother of Jennifer, Monique and Jonas.
Sisters-in-law of Marge Aboussie and Marie Aboussie, both of Texas, and many nieces and nephews.
Sister of the late Blanche Farha

Mary Harroz
Passed away December 6, 2011 in Oklahoma City, OK.
Beloved daughter of the late A.C. and Osie (Ad-ams) Addis
Dear wife of Nick Harroz.
Loving mother of Bruce and Tina Harroz of Edmond; Sydney and Michael (Mickey) Homsey and the late Gary.
Dear sister of Charlotte Jabara of Wichita, the late Don Addis, Jack Addis and Ruth Albert.
Dear grandmother of Nicholas and Keegan Harroz III, Nick and Christina Duthie, V. Rev. John and Valerie Salem, Sammy and Dini Homsey, Meagan Homsey, Briana and Cole Harroz,; great-grandmother of Michael and Christina Salem, Nate Duthie and Zeina Homsey

Dr. Salim Honein Hasbani
Passed away in Damascus, Syria on Wednesday, November 30, 2016.
Beloved son of the late Honein Hasbani and Eleanor Abou Samra.
Loving husband of Reine Hasbani.
Devoted father of Honein Hasbani.
Dear brother of Salma Wanees (late Nabil) and Souad Halwani (late Elia)

Amal Nehmetallah Hashem
In Charlottetown, Canada January 17, 2008.
Husband of Linda Hollifield.
Father of Adam, William and Amanda.
Brother of George, Salam, Sonia (Mrs. Labib Saad),
Jamal and the late Georgette and Samir

Antoine Shawqi Massaad Hashem
In Beirut September 8, 2008.
Father of Lawyer Massaad and Maria.
Brother of Guita (Mrs. Major General Marouf Bitar) and Yoland.

Dori Rizk Hashem
Passed away in Toronto on Friday August 7, 2015
Beloved son of Rizk and Georgette Hashem.
Loving brother of Antoine, Danny and Helene (Raymond Atta)

"The Lord Giveth and the Lord taketh away. Blessed be the name of the Lord.” (Job 1:21)

Fawzi Youssef Hashem
Passed away in Ottawa, Canada Thursday, May 9, 2019.
Loving husband of Arlette Kalim Hashem.
Beloved son of the late Youssef Hashem and Wedad Gebara .
Much loved brother of Hashem, Emad (Aida Abou Mrad), all of Ottawa; Leila Mansour (Dr. Joseph) and Elham Semaan (Kalim) all of Lebanon; Nihad Salameh (Munther) of Jordan.
Cherished uncle of Joseph Hashem, Julio Hashem (Sienna), Sophie Hashem Lee (Michael), Leila Hashem and Sami Hashem, all of Ottawa; Halim Salameh (Sawsan), Issam Salameh (Dima), Ziad Salameh (Lisa), all of USA; Jana Rashed (Malek) and Ritta Semaan all of Lebanon..

Georges Nehmetallah Hashem
Passed away in Jdeida on Wednesday August 1, 2012.
Beloved husband of Samiha Ghanem.
Loving father of Charles, Sophie (Mrs. Bassem El Hage), Marlene and Rose (Mrs. Samir Abou Mrad)
Brother of Salam, Sonia (Mrs. Labib Saad),
Jamal; the late Georgette, Samir and Amal

Major General George Raef Hashem
Passed away in Fidar, Jbeil February 3, 2011.
Husband of Afaf Wadih Mahfouz.
Father of Diana & Ralph.
Son of Juliette Saed Hashem.
Brother of Tony, General Michel, Boulos, Joseph, Jean Pierre, Paula and Ritta (Mrs. George Shamat)

Jiryis Aziz Hashem
Passed away in Beirut on Sunday December 29, 2013.
Beloved son of Aziz Hassib Hashem and Souraya Ammar.
Caring husband of Maha Nemer Eid.
Loving father of Charbel Hashem.
Dear brother of Hashem, Ghazi, Jehad, Wafaa Nassar (Jubrayel), Afaf Azar (Kamal) and Jamal Wakim (Milad)

Juliette Said Hashem
Passed away in Fidar, Lebanon on Sunday June 1, 2014.
Beloved wife of the late Raef Hashem.
Dear mother of Antoine (Siham Karam), General Michel (Dolly Abou-Assali), Paul (Mirna Hatem), Joseph (Roccio Gomer), Jean-Pierre, Paula, Ritta (Mrs. George Shamat) and the late Major General George (Afaf Mahfouz)

Mary Farah Hashem
Passed away in Jdeida October 27, 2011.
Beloved wife of the late Khalil Salloum
Loving mother of Hafeez, Shibly, Simon and Amal.
Dear sister of the late Sami, Yousef, Emile and Kalim Hashem

Nabih Mekhael Hashem
Passed away in Bekfaya June 16, 2011.
Husband of Agne Habib Trad.
Father of Kamal, Jimmy, Nada and Rana.
Brother of Adib, Amine, Nabhan, Issa and the late Iskandar and Jamil

Nabih Nichola Hashem
In Beirut Tuesday October 16, 2007.
Husband of Maria Therese Abou Khalil.
Father of Harold and Hani.
Son of Ramziyah Hashem.
Brother of Moufid, Elias, Nahia (Mrs. Nayef Zalloum), Nawal (Mrs. Hanna Hajji),
Juliette (Mrs. Fouad Bashaalani) and the late Shouaa (Mrs. Malkoun).

Nadia Bashaalany Hashem
In Beirut Thursday October 28, 2010.
Wife of Moufid Nicola Hashem.
Mother of Marwan, Walid, Amal (Mrs. Hani Al Zeini), Rabih and Nidal.

Nouha Shafiq Hashem
In Beirut December 21, 2010
Widow of the late musician Toufic Al Basha.
Daughter of the late Elaine Esper Khouri.
Sister of Rizk and Souad (Mrs. Emile Harb)

"I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die." (John 11:25)

Sourya Ammmar Hashem
Passed away in Jdeida on Thursday, March 8, 2018.
Beloved wife of Aziz Hassib Hashem.
Loving mother of Hashem (Fadia Shoufy), Ghazi (Hanan Karout), Jehad (Janette Eid), Wafaa (Gabi Nassar), Afaf (Kamal Azar) Jamal(Milad Wakim)and the late Jiryis (Maha Eid).

Wedad Gebara Hashem
Passed away in Jdeida on November 30, 1988.
Beloved wife of Yousef Hashem.
Loving mother of Fawzi, Hashem, Emad, Leila (Mrs. Dr. Joseph Mansour),
Elham (Mrs. Kalim Semaan) and Nihad (Mrs. Munther Salameh).
Dear sister of the late Nasiba (Mrs. Shukri Rassi), Najiba and Nabiha.

Yousef Farah Hashem
Passed away in Ottawa on Tuesday, August 26, 1997.
Beloved husband of the late Wedad Gebara.
Loving father of Fawzi, Hashem, Emad, Leila (Mrs. Dr. Joseph Mansour),
Elham (Mrs. Kalim Semaan) and Nihad (Mrs. Munther Salameh).
Dear brother of Kalim, Mary (Mrs. Khalil Salloum), the late Sami and Emile

Grace Sobhi Hawwa
Passed away in Beirut on Wednesday, December 16, 2015.
Beloved daughter of Leila Faris Samara.
Loving sister of Viviane Jabara (Faris) and Rita Nassif (Dr. Ramzi).

Sobhi Saleem Hawwa
Passed away in Beirut, March 4, 2011.
Husband of Leila Faris Samara.
Father of Viviane (Mrs. Faris Jabara), Grace and Rita (Mrs. Dr. Ramzi Nassif).
Brother of Wadeeaa Hawwa the late Jabra and Mekhael Hawwa.

Eid Mjally Hazar
In Jdeida August 10, 2007.
Husband of Elaine Yousef Mahfouz.
Father of Taghrid (Mrs. Iyad Jubran) and Shadia.
Brother of Gizelle (Mrs. Nassib Kotait), Atef, Elham, Leila
and the late Massoud and Moufid

Kamal Wadih Hazzam
Passed away in Beirut on March 29, 2015.
Beloved husband of Martha Hanna.
Loving father of Wadih, Pierre (Mireille Skaf), Nicholas, Salwa Bou Shaaya (Michel) and Samar.
Dear brother of Amal Dabaghi (late Samir) and Dalal Shidiac (Saleem).

Farid Khalil El Helou
Passed away in Jdeida December 29, 2012.
Beloved husband of Mona Azar Zghaib.
Loving father of Robert, Khalil, Roula and Raymonda (Mrs. Fouad Sarraf).
Dear Brother of Moufid

Rabih Elias El-Helou
In Saudi Arabia Friday May 22, 2009.
Son of the late Renee Abdallah Barakat.
Brother of Mounir and the late Therese

Jean-Louis Hiri
In Beirut December 17, 2010.
Husband of Afaf Jamil Afif.
Father of Jean-Francois, Stephanie, Marie-Claire,
Jean-Marc, Marie-Elaine and Paul

Dr. Charles Homra
Passed away in Murray, KY Friday, February 12, 2010 .
Son of the late Kimlin and Louise Baddour Homra.
Husband of Shirley Homra.
Father of Leslie Homra, Nashville, Tenn.and Dr. Charles Mark Homra and wife, Lori, Jacksonville, Fla.
Brother of Beverly Noffell, Cape Girardeau, Mo.
Grandfather of Ben and Sam Homra, Jacksonville Fla.

David K. Homra
In Paducah, KY Tuesday November 11, 2008.
Husband of the late Donna F. Homra.
Close friend and companion of Eleanor Core.
Son of the late Kimlen and Wadia (Massad) Homra.
Father of Deborah (Mrs.Lon Amerman), Denise Jacobs, Kim and Dan .
Grandfather of grandchildren, Melissa Bell and Allison Jacobs,
Taylor Amerman, Katie Homra, David Homra and Paige Buckner.
Brother of Mary Hollinger and the late Amaline Homra, Yvonne Hunter,
Adelle Intindola, Gladys Owens and Katherine Conroy.

Harry Lee Haddad Homra
Passed away Monday, March 01, 2010. in Tiptonville , TN
Widow of George K. Homra.
Mother of Cathy Smith and husband Gary of Nashville, Christy Homra of Memphis,
Carey D. "Skipper" Homra and wife Dianne of Ridgely; and the late Harry Alexander Homra.
Grandmother of Carey Homra of Nashville, Charlotte Lee Vaughn of Wynnburg,
Catherine Homra of Jackson, MS and Georgianne Homra of Memphis.
Great-Grandmother of George Robert Vaughn of Wynnburg.
Sister of Elizabeth Hamra of Caruthersville, MO and Margaret Barkett
of Madison, CT the late Thelma Haddad Ofiesh and Edward Haddad.
Sister-in-law of Jeanette Homra Cates of Tiptonville and Frances Haddad of Munford

Jeanette Homra
Passed away September 4, 2010 in Tiptonville, TN
Widow of the late C.C. Cates
Mother of Soraya Cates and the late Leah Dale Cates.
Grandmother of Colton Cates.
Sister of the late George Homra, Ralph Homra and Lee Homra
Aunt of Skipper Homra, Alex Homra and Terry Homra

Margaret Khourie Homra
Passed away in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Wednesday July 15, 2009
Widow of the late Fred Homra.
Mother of Pam (Mrs. Bill Shdeed), Cindy (Mrs. John Crittenden)and the late Dr. Ronald Homra.
Sister of Jackie Tellier, Joanne Khourie and the late Helen Kassis.
Sister-in-law of Adeline Hamra
Grandmother of Christi and Cory Morrow, Julie and Scott Shdeed,
Lindsey (Mrs. Todd Siroky), Neil and Sunita Crittenden and Marshall Homra
as well as five great grandchildren.

Dr. Ronald A. Homra
In Union City , TN Monday February 5, 2007
Son of Fred Homra and Margaret Khourie Homra.
Husband of Melba Homra
Father of John Marshall Homra and Lindsey Homra (Mrs. Todd Siroky)
Brother of Pam Homra (Mrs. Bill Shdeed) and Cindy Homra (Mrs. John Crittenden)
Grandfather of George William Siroky.

Benny Richard Homsey
Passed away peacefully in Oklahoma on Sunday, February 20, 2011.
Son of the late Richard Simon Homsey and Edna Hafeetha �Mama Joe� Homsey.
Husband of Dolores of the home.
Father of Gary Ben and his wife Sue Homsey, Margot and her husband Jon Bayouth, and Leslie and her husband Dr. Esber Scott Samara.
Grandfather of Brittani, Kristin, Shea, Benjamin, Rachel, Hayden, Anna, Elizabeth and Juliana.
Great-grandfather of Claire, Kylee, Khloe, Vivien, George and Scottie.
Brother of Imogene Naifeh, Blanche David and the late Joe, Sam, Paul and Harry Homsey.

Harry Richard Homsey
Died In Oklahoma City Wednesday, October 10, 2007
Husband of Yevonne.
Father of Harvey and wife Debbie Homsey; Toni Burch; Tina and husband Todd Lewis;
Annette and husband Trey Kouri; and Nanette and husband Craig Abraham.
Granfather of Harry Taylor, Natalie, Melissa and Zachary Homsey; Brett, Sarah, and Anna Burch;
Ryan, Lauren and Rachel Lewis; Erika, Jake and Amanda Kouri; and Kelsey, Andrew and Abby Abraham.
Brother of Benny Homsey and his wife Dolores; Bernice Homsey; Imogene Naifeh; and Blanche David;
and brothers and sisters-in-law Katherine Shadid; Amy Massad; Sam and Nadia Shadid; Dr. Ray and Sameera Cohlmia.
Godfather of Vic Bird, Kim David Campbell, Charleigh David Addison,
the late Mike Wehba, John Wehba, Missy Wehba Hedges,
Danette Saleeba Mondelek, and Danny Saleeba

Daisy Horany
In Enid , Oklahoma Saturday May 30, 2009.
Widow of the late Johnny Oscar Horany
Mother of Larry Horany of Enid, OK and Jay Horany of Sante Fe, NM
Sister of Mildred Gibbens of Broken Arrow, Ok., and Norma Huff of Topeka, KS.

Jimmy P. Horany Sr.
In Wichita Falls, Texas July 16, 2008.
Son of the late Shukrie and Nabeeha Horany.
Husband of Virginia Kouri Horany.
Father of Katrina, James, Dan S. and Diane Arnold.
Grandfather of Joanna Horany, Nadia Feltes,
Misha�al Feltes, Matthew Horany, and David Feltes.
Brother of John E. and Freddy Horany,
the late Neda, Lambert, Lorise, Mitchell and Melvin.

Dr. Melvin Horany
In Wichita Falls, TX. January 18, 2008.
Husband of the late Alice
Father of Melvin K., Christine Seligson, Mary Carol,
John Horany and the late David Horany.
Brother of John E, Jimmy, Freddy, Lourise, Neda, Lambert and Mitchell Horany

"I am the resurrection and the life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die." (John 11:25)

Adelaide Melhem Hourani
Passed away in Beirut on Saturday, January 13, 2018.
Beloved wife of the late Emile Elias Barbar.
Loving mother of Mitri and Mireille (Nadim Ziadeh).
Dear sister of Odette (late Michel Azouri), late Habib, late Kalim, late Halim late Michel, late Najla (late Tanios Abou Khalil), late Rose (George Zarazir), late Salma (late Najib Hbeish), and late Lily

Aziza Mansour Hourani
Passed away in Beirut on Tuesday August 20, 2013.
Dear sister of the late Nasri, Fayez, May, Adelle and Victoria

Bassam Hourani
Passed away in Beirut on Saturday June 29, 2013.
Beloved son of the late Hayel Hourani and Yvonne Eid.
Loving brother of Fadi, Fadia and Shadia Farha (Ghassan).
Dear nephew of Adnan Hourani, Fayek Hourani, Dr. Nemer Eid, Dr. Edward Eid, Yvette Eid Wehba (Late Iskandar) and the late Emile Eid, Edmond Eid and Boushra Hourani Skaff (Late Joseph)

Boushra Saad Hourani
Passed away in Beirut Monday November 7, 2011.
Beloved wife of the late Joseph Toufik Skaf.
Loving mother of Samir, Nabil, and Ramzy.
Dear sister of Adnan Hourani, Fayek Hourani and the late Hayel Hourani.

Elias Farid Hourani
Passed away in Beirut March 1, 2012.
Beloved husband of Salma Yousef Karam.
Dear father of Joseph, Jack and Sharbel.
Dear brother of Samir, Eid, Nouad and the late Nadim.

Georgette Issa Hourani
Passed away in UAE on Tuesday February 14, 2012.
Beloved wife of the late Nayef Khoury.
Loving mother of Khalil (Taghrid Barkett) and Samir (Salwa Said).
Dear sister of Amal (Mayor of Jdeidet Marjeyoun), Yvonne (Late Albert Gholmieh), Linda, Nouha (Emile Wehbe) and the late Fouad and Raja

Hanna Iskandar Hourani
In Beirut Wednesday April 2, 2008.
Husband of the late Leila Amine Qaawar.
Father of Ghada (Mrs. Raja Nayef Qaawar) and the late Iskandar.
Brother of Dr. Farid Hourani, Salma (Mrs. Ambassador Joseph Shadid) and Aida

Hayat Jabara Hourani
Passed away in Beirut January 17, 2012.
Beloved wife of the late Habib Hourani.
Loving mother of Dr. Mokbel Hourani (Samia Salem), Engineer Ramzi Hourani (Daad Estephan), Engineer Sami Hourani (Enaz Esfado) and Samia Bekhaazi (Dr. Anwar).

Khoshfa Makhoul Hourani
In Beirut, April 16, 2008.
Widow of the late Shehadeh Hourani.
Mother of Nassim, Dr. Moujalli, Nadia, Samiha and the late Samih.

Linda Issa Hourani
Passed away in Beirut on Friday, March 10, 2017.
Beloved sister of Amal, Yvonne Gholmieh (late Albert), Nouha Wehbe (Emile), the late Georgette Khoury (late Nayef), Fouad and Raja.

Nirmine Shammas Hourani
Passed away in Beirut on Sunday January 12, 2014.
Beloved wife of the late Samih Shehadeh Hourani.
Loving mother of Shehadeh Hourani and Sandra Cauly (Michael)

Rose Melhem Hourany
In Beirut May 3, 2009.
Wife of George Zarazir.
Mother of Benoit and Greta (Mrs. Elis Hajjar).
Sister of Edelade (Mrs. Late Emile Barbar), Audette (Mrs. Michel Azouri),
the late Halim, Habib, Michel, Lily and Salma
Salma Iskandar Hourani
Passed away in Beirut October 31, 2013.
Beloved wife of Ambassador Joseph Shadid
Loving mother of Leila Masrouah (Zikar), Rima, Mona Zakhour (Dr. Issam) and Nadia Hasrouni (Antoine).
Dear sister of Dr. Farid Hourani, Aida Hourani and the late Hanna Hourani.
Dear aunt of Ghada Kawar (Raja)

Salma Melhem Hourany
In Beirut March 18, 2007.
Widow of the late Najib Hobeish.
Mother of Haifa (Mrs. Ramez Hourani), Fouad and Farid.
Sister of Rose (Mrs. George Zarazir), Adelade (Mrs. Emile Barbar),
Audet (Mrs. Michel Azouri), the late Habib, Halim, Michel and Lily

Kamel Mekhael Humsi
In Beirut August 6, 2010.
Husband ofthe late Juliette Nicola Saliba.
Father of Dr. Ramzi, Souheil and Amal