Robert Pio Hajjar
An inspiration to all.

Son of Janette Daabous and Elias Hajjar and Great-grandson of Eid Mahfood

$62.05Ö the IDEAL beginning

How did it all begin? Rob is the reason we have the "IDEAL beginning".

Once we agreed with Rob to create an organization to improve the lives of persons with intellectual disability, Rob generously donated his "entire life savings" to IDEAL. Rob kept this money in a wooden box in a safe place for many years.

When Rob was asked, "how much money do you have"?, he exclaimed, "Thousands!"(of dollars) Rob made an appointment with us to count the many coins together. Rob was ecstatic and delighted when he learned that he had saved and donated $62.05.
More importantly than that, he was even more proud that he made the first donation to Robís life savings ($62.05 in change) was converted into one fifty dollar bill, one ten dollar bill, a toonie and a nickel which is framed and displayed in our office.

Each time we see this $62.05, it is a reminder of whom we are working for...and why.

There is no doubt in our minds that Robís donation was the IDEAL beginning! was conceived by Robert to aid persons with intellectual disabilities, like him.

Having honestly earned his official title as Founder of in 2006, Robert remains actively involved, clearly making a difference in the disabled world. He strongly believes that most of his intellectually disabled peers are, unfairly and needlessly, kept excluded and poor in our midst of plenty.

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