Rose Cohlmia won a Gold Medal
at the 2009 International Amateur Wine Competition in Napa Valley, California.

Rose is the daughter of the late Edward A. Cohlmia and Helen Mekhael Gebara, she lives in Enid, Oklahoma

Last year I entered it for the first time, sending 3 wines to be judged and surprisingly winning a Gold Medal from my Pinot Grigio.
I felt daring this year and entered 6 wines. Again, hoping to come home with one winner either bronze, silver and if I'm lucky again a gold.

This year there were 4,474 entries (a few hundred more than last year). Representing 49 US States, 8 Canadian Provinces and a total of 7 Countries. Last year it was in Sonoma and this year in beautiful Napa Valley.

Well I must announce I hit the jackpot again. I won a Gold Medal for my Cabernet Sauvignon. This was unbelievable to me. There were 321 entries and many actually have their own grapes and age the wine for years.

I buy the juice and made it last year. However I did buy a kit that had dried grapes and it really added body to the wine. (for those who are dry red wine drinkers). There were several gold medal winners because you have 3 judges and they each score your wine. If you score in the gold category then you can win.

I also won 2 silver medals for my "berry" wines. A strawberry zinfandel and a wildberry pomegranate zinfandel. There were 145 entries in that category. 400 people were there for the conference and then on Saturday night they give the awards.

I realize I may not be so lucky again. Next year it will be in Washington State at a lodge. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and for enjoying my wine. (If you haven't gotten to try it, I hope you will!) Winemakers are such fun and I have met some wonderful people from all over. One of the judges who owns a winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario (and also writes winemaking books) said "What winemaking is all about--enjoying good wine with friends and family." That's my goal however it's nice to know the professionals also think it tastes good! Salute~~

Rose Cohlmia