Rose Cohlmia won a Gold Medal
at the 2008 International Amateur Wine Competition in Sonoma, California.

Rose is the daughter of the late Edward A. Cohlmia and Helen Mekhael Gebara, she lives in Enid, Oklahoma

The past couple of years Rose entered wines in Arkansas but decided to try for the big one this year. She entered three wines hoping that maybe one of them would win a bronze medal. Also they critique your wine so she was really looking forward to reading what the professionals think about it.

This year they had over 4,300 wines entered into 50 categories. This was over a 1000 more than last year. They represented 48 states and over 6 countries.
Needless to say she wasn't expecting much because she was competing against the best from all over North America.

Her Kiwi Melon-Pinot Grigio white wine won a GOLD Medal.

"Wine is the healthiest and most health giving of drinks" ... Louis Pasteur