Michel L. Sukkarieh

Flight details

i thought, i'd share with you my flight details:

when i type my thoughts, i like to imagine that i am on a mythical flight
that i take every day to my communication toys
confusion, sexual tension between my body
and the digital spectrum of things to come,
as the line across the screens that are black
the font that writes my indecisions
my wings are not straight... i am free to kiss you
and leave you without a guilt,
to make you smile. and then rest
we can not deal with more than mystery,
i have to fly again my love..

my date was set since the day of inception,
and since, i have become a mythical flight that stops
only to refuel with spaces between
your blue eyes,
your black eyes,
your brown eyes and
your wine...
so pick me up at dawn..
and set me free at dawn...
destiny is not more than a moment

i need my hands to tie my thoughts and fly my night