Michel L. Sukkarieh

my addiction

my addiction starts
when i close my eyes, put my face in my hands
and glide on a star made of megabytes to imagine you with me
(on a stage made of night, where there is no end and there is no start)
hear you playing all those songs
that we froze once in time
then i stretch my arms,
re-arrange the stars to give us a little more light.. (the stage is yours and mine)
my addiction glows when i see your face
and harvest your smile every fall to get high
seek you hiding between the Marj* and the ancient moon
wait every summer by the fields, to watch you quietly as the
tanned lazy wheat grass pull the Sun like a kite that wants to fly
my addiction starts with your ghost from my past
as my eyes are shut and you are mine under the shade of a cypress tree
with the smell of pine and the taste of autumn leaves
that lay near by
my addiction grows where the Sun meets the evening sea on
an orange carpet that extends forever,
sees you walking and feels your beat on the salty waters of Abadir**
( i brush your hair with a comb made from almond leaves
i paint you a tulip in olive green
dress you in red…….. and…. slow …down....time…..)
my addiction collects the snow flakes, and stores them deep under mount Harmon
so when spring brings life, i plant you randomly in the Marj*
water the seeds of bergamot, thyme and sumac
then watch the bourgeons kneel to pray
with the wind that bends them left and right
(as your scent spreads around)
my addiction is a tango beat
a body heat that is not real
it is my longing for you that is real
as we kiss until time stops,
before the drapes are down
after our final scene
to my ailment - i am convinced- there is but one of two cures that make it right;
either you or i keep my eye lids closed like this until “never” dies.