Michel L. Sukkarieh

if i were a painter

if i were a painter
i would draw you like a flower
red from the inside, with pink edges
i would make you in three dimension
with depth that is deceiving
and petals that change with the color of the fall

if i were a painter
i would make you like an autumn leaf
yellow, red, orange and show your fire to all the trees
i would draw you like sandy beaches
one grain of sand at a time
and when i finish, i will press my hands across the warm surface of the sand
and comb your hair
feel your tanned face
taste the salt in you

if i were a painter
i would like to paint two bodies making love
i will dip my brush into the blue ocean
paint your moving body
like the waves moving warmly the sandy beaches
then hitting with passion the rocks of Biblos
then i dip my brush deep inside the color red from Ishtar's blood
and painting fire into my canvas..
then burn with passion like lady Tyre

if i were a painter
i will not sleep
i will keep painting what i can not touch
and touch what i paint
i will paint you into ashes
i will color you with a color purple
and spread you softly above my head
to feel you and smell you slowly all my life

if i were a painter,
i will place your face in a new perspective
with a shadow that rides on a camel back
and hands that hold my little face
i will color you with green and white
orange too to make you shine
and i will place in your hands a secret whisper and words of prophets that you will love

but i am not a painter
and i cannot draw
i can only write you on a screen
words that may not be alive
until you read them or i die